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Opinions on boys names

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Baz13 Sat 26-Mar-16 11:08:17

I have posted a girls name we have chosen, but boys names have been far more difficult. DH doesn't really seem to like many names, however a few he likes are:
Arlington, Wallace, Peregrine, Finnian, Llewellyn and Rafferty.

Rafferty is his favourite, which surprised me as I also like the name and the potential NN form the name.

I work with children, and want names that sound familiar, but are not too common.
Opinions on Rafferty.

Tiggeryoubastard Sat 26-Mar-16 11:23:05

Common, naff, bit wag/try hard in a bad way. Bloody hell though, nowhere near as hideous as the others on your list.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Sat 26-Mar-16 14:38:26

Rafferty is nice.

The others are beyond hideous.

anastasiakrupnik Sat 26-Mar-16 14:46:25

Rafferty is nice, espec raffy. Any of the others wouldn't be implausible round here except Peregrine - more aristocratic than unusual in my opinion.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 26-Mar-16 14:49:35

Rafferty is ok I think. I like Raff/Raffy

IoraRua Sat 26-Mar-16 15:10:06

Not a fan of the list, too poncey sounding imo. Except for Finnian which is quite nice.

Rafferty is a very "surname turned into an aspiring upwardly mobile middle class" sort of name to me. I don't really like it. But it's better than most others on that list.

Peppaismyhomegirl Sat 26-Mar-16 15:12:11

Are you Welsh? Can you prenounce Llewelyn properly. It' not and L sound as in "light" Ll is a letter all of its own in Welsh.

Baz13 Sun 27-Mar-16 07:57:51

Thank you for the opinions. Boys names is something we cannot agree, so after many searches I googled posh baby names, hence why they sound poncey - these were the ones he liked, which surprised me.

We have ages to go until baby is here, so I can continue the search for the right boys name and try and convince DH of a nice normal name, that is familiar but not too common ;)

My DH is part Welsh and he can pronounce Llewelyn and I can't, and I don't think most other people would either.

Peppaismyhomegirl Sun 27-Mar-16 08:31:07

You don't want a name no one else can pronounce. But you sound as tho you want an unusual one, which is fine my sons both have unusual names, but I know 3 baby llewellyns here in the past 9 months, good luck

Baz13 Sun 27-Mar-16 08:59:43

I work with children and want a name that is not too common but not totally unusual ( I just think of the children I have taught and unfortunately the names can put me off a little).
My son is called Charlie and it is quite common now although I have only met two children with this name. I have met one girl with the same name as my daughter Tilly (although she was Matilda nn Tilly).

Think I will keep Rafferty on my short, short list of boys names and continue the search. If anyone has any ideas of boys names that are familiar but not too common please suggest them. Thank you smile

Bajanella Tue 29-Mar-16 14:22:08

Arlington is the name of a cemetery. I can't image it as a child's name.

BettyBi0 Tue 29-Mar-16 15:54:06

Peregrine and Wallace??!? Err not too keen on them.

Rafferty is cute but sounds kind of fake posh (if that's even a thing)

Baz13 Tue 29-Mar-16 15:59:27

All these names I found on a 'posh' baby name post. DH liked them...but to be honest they have all ended up vetoed and now we are back to zero names for a boy.

RockUnit Tue 29-Mar-16 16:51:43

Henry (Harry)

mrsschu Tue 29-Mar-16 19:06:11

I don't like any of your names I'm afraid. Finnian is passable, Fintan is better IMO. Rafferty has become one of those middle class, trying oh so hard to be cool names. I would expect Rafferty's parents to work in media and have sold their London flat to buy a massive pad in the sticks from which they now commute 3 hours a day each to their jobs in London, complaining constantly about the commute. They probably have a small dog that they treated as a "child" before Rafferty's arrival.

mrsschu Tue 29-Mar-16 19:08:08

BettyBi0 fake posh is definitely a concept! I know a few people who've gone done this route in naming their children...

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