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MN for Beatrix

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Baz13 Sat 26-Mar-16 08:43:35

Think Beatrix is the name if baby is a little girl. I love the meanings for this name and all the possible nn's.

Just need some inspiration on MN, I also don't mind two MN either.

MattDillonsPants Sat 26-Mar-16 09:52:18

What's MN? Do you mean Nick name? Those will come naturally. There's no need to plan them.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 26-Mar-16 09:53:20

Think she means middle name.

MattDillonsPants Sat 26-Mar-16 09:53:48

Oooh you mean middle name!

Beatrix Rose

Beatrix Pearl

Beatrix Emma

Beatrix Ann

Beatrix Margaret

Baz13 Sat 26-Mar-16 09:59:40

Sorry yes meant middle name smile

Of course nick names will come naturally, but I think the name has some obvious ones already and I don't mind them; such as Bee, Bix, Bixie, Trixie etc...

DH's granny is Margaret and he would love to honour her so Margaret and Pearl are good suggestions.

My DD's MN is Emma after my sister smile

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 26-Mar-16 10:32:29

Beatrix Pearl
Beatrix Willow
Beatrix Faith
Beatrix Sian
Beatrix Olive
Beatrix Georgina

SweetPeaPods Sat 26-Mar-16 10:35:00

Beatrix Grace came to mind first
Beatrix Elizabeth
Beatrix Louise
Beatrix Iona

nellyflora Sat 26-Mar-16 10:39:05

Go all potter Beatrix Helen ( Helen was actually her first name)
Beatrix Jane
Beatrix Elizabeth
Beatrix Anne
Beatrix Margo/ Peggy/Daisy/ Margarete or just Margaret to honor the grandmother?
I like Beatrix Daisy?

Baz13 Sat 26-Mar-16 11:00:06

Some really lovely suggestions, thank you smile Those that stand out so far
Beatrix Jane (my MN)
Beatrix Daisy
Beatrix Margo / Margot
Beatrix Grace
Beatrix Faith

Beatrix Margot Jane
Beatrix Margaret Jane

MattDillonsPants Sat 26-Mar-16 11:05:47

I like Beatrix Margot or Margo....lovely! I also like Beatrix Margaret Jane.

Sophronia Sat 26-Mar-16 11:25:28

Beatrix Amelia
Beatrix Clara
Beatrix Emily
Beatrix Fleur
Beatrix June
Beatrix Hannah
Beatrix Imogen
Beatrix Josephine
Beatrix Olivia
Beatrix Rachel
Beatrix Caroline
Beatrix Louisa
Beatrix Mary
Beatrix Ivy
Beatrix Philippa
Beatrix Lavinia
Beatrix Ruth
Beatrix Matilda
Beatrix Susannah
Beatrix Violet
Beatrix Julia
Beatrix Lily
Beatrix Penelope
Beatrix Ruby
Beatrix Felicity
Beatrix Willow

nellyflora Sat 26-Mar-16 12:53:46

Just clicked Beatrix Jane = BJ😳
Beatrix Margaret Jane maybe better X

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