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Middle name to go with Cara

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suffolkblonde29 Mon 14-Mar-16 11:51:53

Hi all,

We're expecting our first baby in a few weeks and are thinking of choosing Cara if it's a girl, but can't think of a middle name to go with it. We have an Irish surname that's quite difficult to spell so are looking for something fairly simple.

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks :-)

KayKayKK Mon 14-Mar-16 11:53:27

Cara Louise sounds good

SirChenjin Mon 14-Mar-16 11:56:43

Oooh spooky - I came on to say Louise too!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Mon 14-Mar-16 12:02:56

Are you both Irish? If not perhaps a nod to another culture?

Most names work with it provided they don't have an A ending too I think?

So it could be
Cara Louise [which is lovely but sort of rolls off the tongue like it should be Cara-Louise]

Cara Poppy
Cara Ivy
Could be anything really.

FurbysMakeSexNoises Mon 14-Mar-16 12:07:19


So many ways you could go!

Cara is a lovely name by the way- good choice!

suffolkblonde29 Mon 14-Mar-16 12:15:00

Thanks! I like Cara Louise too but my sister's name is Clare Louise so not sure if it's a bit too samey?

I did think Cara Maeve too...

ABitAsleep Mon 14-Mar-16 12:34:09

When i saw the thread name i was going to say Louise too! Haha!

Cara Matilda
Cara April
Cara Sophia
Cara Georgina
Cara Natasha
Cara Faith
Cara Eve
Cara Hope
Cara Helena
Cara Ellen
Cara Lauren
Cara Eliza
Cara Joanna
Cara Samantha
Cara Jemima
Cara Harriet
Cara Olivia
Cara Jessica
Cara Rachel

BlueChampagne Mon 14-Mar-16 12:39:25

Cara Louise sprang to my mind too, but obviously that's out!

Cara Fearne
Cara Frances
Cara Helen
Cara Jasmine
Cara Stephanie
Cara Tamsin

BlueChampagne Mon 14-Mar-16 12:40:37

Cara Leonie?

GoldPlatedBacon Mon 14-Mar-16 12:41:45


Iguessyourestuckwithme Mon 14-Mar-16 12:42:44

A little one I know is Cara Alice (with the Cara being the long Irish version)

Sophronia Mon 14-Mar-16 12:44:37

Cara Jane
Cara Alice
Cara Frances
Cara Emily
Cara Grace
Cara Heather
Cara Isabel
Cara Juliet
Cara Lily
Cara Jennifer
Cara Lucy
Cara Josephine
Cara Marie
Cara Noelle
Cara Penelope
Cara Naomi
Cara Rebecca
Cara Sophie
Cara Victoria
Cara Alannah
Cara Violet
Cara Jean
Cara Willow
Cara Zoe

BlueChampagne Mon 14-Mar-16 12:45:44

Second Juliet and Zoe

BikeRunSki Mon 14-Mar-16 12:49:33

Louise sprang to my mind too!!!!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 14-Mar-16 13:51:02

Cara Sophie/a
Cara Willow
Cara Beth
Cara Helen
Cara Mae
Cara Jade
Cara Bo
Cara Boo
Cara Paige
Cara Brooke
Cara Grace
Cara Lily
Cara Vivienne
Cara Leigh
Cara Fae
Cara Jean
Cara Jane
Cara Josephine

TheOptimisticPessimist Mon 14-Mar-16 14:18:28

Another one that came to say Louise!

weegiemum Mon 14-Mar-16 14:26:18

Came to say Louise too. Possibly a nice tribute to your sister?

Cara Jane
Cara Rachel
Cara Maeve
Cara Elaine

my only other ideas!

imsorryiasked Mon 14-Mar-16 14:33:20

Cara Ann
Cara May

KolaKoola Mon 14-Mar-16 15:10:59

Cara Jayne

ZaZathecat Mon 14-Mar-16 15:12:27

Mae was the one that sprang to mind for me.

cornishglos Tue 15-Mar-16 05:16:54


joyfulworld Tue 15-Mar-16 07:40:44

Cara Jane
Cara Joyce
Cara Lyn
Cara Lily
Cara Ruby

adagio Tue 15-Mar-16 08:12:16

Our 5 week old dd is called Cara, with middle name Emilia

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