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Opinions on names :)!

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SLHMM Tue 08-Mar-16 22:59:39

I'm fairly early on in my pregnancy, but myself and other half have already decided on a girls name! But we are really struggling to agree on a boys name!

I love the name Hunter, but the other half likes Harley and we aren't too keen on each others! So have agreed we will go for something we both like..

He has suggested the name Shor, and I really can't get my head round whether it's 'the one' or not! I think it's so unique and I do like it, but I don't know if I could see myself calling my son this all the time!

Any opinions welcome please :D

Mclaren37 Wed 09-Mar-16 03:09:52

Of those three I prefer Hunter. I've never come across Shor. I think other people might assume it's Shaw? Imagine yourself shouting it across a busy playground in a stressed out moment, when you won't have time to sell it or explain it - that's always a good acid test for unusual names.

Pippafisher Wed 09-Mar-16 07:26:50

I like Shaw. Primary teacher and I taught only one, and he was lovely. Mind you his middle name was lee, so maybe avoid that!! Hunter is a little too American for me. Although I do like Hudson?

EllenTheEgret Wed 09-Mar-16 07:37:43

A bit out there maybe, but how about Fanshaw nn Shaw?

Goes with the surnames as first names idea..

OneMagnumisneverenough Wed 09-Mar-16 11:26:29

Never heard of Shor. Not too sure tbh. Shaw is okay.

I prefer Hunter to Harley - is your OH a biker?

For similar (compromise) names, what about:


SLHMM Wed 09-Mar-16 16:02:36

Funnily enough he is a biker yes haha. But he claims his name choice is not related to bikes ;)

I think I like Shor, but maybe not as much as he does. I want something that is really different and unique!

Calvin was one of the first ones I liked, but he doesn't like it. x

ddeemummy Wed 09-Mar-16 16:31:08

I like Harley but its my dogs name after motorbike haha. I do like Hunter though aswwll.

I second another poster what about Hudson?

Not sure of shor at all sorry never heard of it as a name

Pinklily1 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:00:36

I've never heard of Shor as a name. I'd automatically spell it Shaw if I had to write it down.

Don't like any of them at all, sorry. Shor is really not doing it for me, I'm afraid.

Chloeisobelle21 Fri 11-Mar-16 14:23:15

I think yelling it across a playground would make it sound like shaun? Hunter is nice, but it also makes me think of a a womaniser haha!

BlueChampagne Sat 12-Mar-16 23:32:31

Norton? Should be the only one in his class! Or maybe Laurence, after Laurence of Arabia (and biker)?

vichill Sat 12-Mar-16 23:47:31

Hunter would need to be a hunk imo. If hb is a hunk I'd chance it.

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