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Erica - honest verdicts welcome

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Alasalas Wed 24-Feb-16 23:39:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DramaAlpaca Wed 24-Feb-16 23:41:41

I like it.

I especially like it spelled Erika.

Just saw your update on your other thread - congratulations! flowers

Alasalas Wed 24-Feb-16 23:46:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BUNMUM Wed 24-Feb-16 23:48:52

I like it.
Congratulations flowers and chocolate

PandasRock Wed 24-Feb-16 23:50:29

I love it.

If dc3 had been a girl, it would have been a strong contender.

emsyj Wed 24-Feb-16 23:51:26

I like it, it was on my list - I also would spell it Erika though. I went to primary school with a girl called Erika who was enormously popular - sporty, fun, friendly, very energetic and charismatic - so it has good overtones to me. I think an Erika would be beautiful and well-liked!

SnuffleGruntSnorter Wed 24-Feb-16 23:57:11

I prefer it with a c, and I quite like it- probably wouldn't choose it myself but would approve of a friends choice

KatieT12 Thu 25-Feb-16 00:02:39

I really like it! I like it spelt both ways smile

ClarenceTheLion Thu 25-Feb-16 00:13:36

I love it. One of my favourite girls names.

Alasalas Thu 25-Feb-16 00:31:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LucyBabs Thu 25-Feb-16 00:33:16

Erica definitely worth a c not a k smile great name

Bragadocia Thu 25-Feb-16 00:50:04

Erica is a really good name - not one that had occurred to me before, but I really like it. Have you been listening to this week's Radio 4 serialisation of Fear of Flying by any chance?!

Alasalas Thu 25-Feb-16 00:52:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PotOfYoghurt Thu 25-Feb-16 01:01:11

I really like it actually. Classic, but underused and underestimated I think! I prefer the C spelling.

Indyelephant Thu 25-Feb-16 01:29:46

Love it! Erika with a k.

Might be biased though. My 13 week old is called Erika smile

Alasalas Thu 25-Feb-16 01:31:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinyPawz Thu 25-Feb-16 03:30:24

Recently and very randomly my dm announced that Erica was a porn star name confused

Sophronia Thu 25-Feb-16 07:19:37

I like it a lot spelled Erica

lovescourgettes2 Thu 25-Feb-16 07:40:31

I really like it. I think Erika would be cheerful, individual and free spirited. I think either spelling is fine so just see what looks better with your surname and any middle name.

Alasalas Thu 25-Feb-16 08:12:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iwonderif Thu 25-Feb-16 08:14:43

I know 2 Erica's. Both lovely ladies. It a beautiful name. Not used very often too.

mrsschu Thu 25-Feb-16 09:31:13

I'm going to buck the trend I'm afraid - I really dislike it. It's an ugly sounding name IMO and sounds a bit frumpy too. Sorry to be the only nay-sayer!

Alasalas Thu 25-Feb-16 09:48:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

manicinsomniac Thu 25-Feb-16 10:48:18

I like it.

And very underused in all generations I would say. I think I've only ever met two, and neither were British. May be more common in other countries.

throwinshapes Thu 25-Feb-16 10:50:00

I love it! My Erica is soon to be 9.

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