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Sister for Archie

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Mummylester31 Sun 21-Feb-16 18:19:31

Please help! I've been struggling to name my baby girl because I keep worrying that the names I like clash or are to similar to her brother Archie! I'm driving myself mad! Originally liked Darcey but felt it was too ryhmey. Now really like Alice but worry that's too similar! Opinions please X

thebiscuitindustry Sun 21-Feb-16 18:53:09


ddeemummy Sun 21-Feb-16 19:27:00

Well ive got a Darcey so im biassed. I was reading on forums when I was pregnant about people hating it that she would get arsey Darcey alot but in reality Ive never had a negative word about. My auntie elderly auntie wasnt keen but apart from that everyone has said how much it suits her.

ddeemummy Sun 21-Feb-16 19:27:52

Please ignore my typing errors smile

OneMagnumisneverenough Sun 21-Feb-16 19:28:04

Archie & Edith
Archie & Nancy
Archie & Peggy
Archie & Louisa
Archie & Alicia
Archie & Kate

patienceisvirtuous Sun 21-Feb-16 19:36:28


Sophronia Sun 21-Feb-16 20:17:56

Archie & Molly
Archie & Grace
Archie & Eliza
Archie & Florence
Archie & Harriet
Archie & Iris
Archie & Olive
Archie & Rose
Archie & Hazel
Archie & Violet
Archie & Daisy
Archie & Lydia
Archie & Pippa
Archie & Ellen
Archie & Georgia
Archie & Mabel
Archie & Nell

RumAppleGinger Sun 21-Feb-16 20:23:13

I have an Archie. If DC2 had been a girl she would have been either Annie, Zoe or Sasha.

Dogadviceneeded Sun 21-Feb-16 20:49:24

Archie and Darcy are a bit rhymey imo, Archie and Alice would be fine though.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 21-Feb-16 21:37:19

Archie and Libby
Archie and Lily
Archie and Abbie
Archie and Annie
Archie and Penny
Archie and Rosie
Archie and Jenny
Archie and Ellie
Archie and Ruby
Archie and Gracie
Archie and Tilly
Archie and Betsy
Archie and Milly
Archie and Kitty
Archie and Maisy
Archie and Daisy
Archie and Sally
Archie and Janie
Archie and Molly
Archie and Sophie

manicinsomniac Sun 21-Feb-16 21:38:05

I know Archies with sisters called Lena and Isobel.

Also think it would go well with:
Bella, Bronte, Claire, Chloe, Eloise, Esme, Flora, Hope, Imogen, Jasmine, Jessica, Lucy, Layla, Lara, Molly, Matilda, Poppy, Quinn, Ruby, Rosie, Sophia, Sienna, Thea, Tegan, Willow, Zara, Zoe

GoldPlatedBacon Sun 21-Feb-16 21:43:25


crapfatbanana Sun 21-Feb-16 22:31:45

Archie and Alice sounds good. Or..

Archie & Dotty (Dorothy)
Archie & Lucy
Archie & Winnie
Archie & Emma

NinjaPanda34 Sun 21-Feb-16 22:34:38

Archie and Eleanor?

KatieT12 Mon 22-Feb-16 00:12:29

I love Darcy/Darcey, but it rhymes with Archie sad

Alice and Archie are fine, but then you'd kinda have to stick with the a theme!

zzzzz Mon 22-Feb-16 00:13:51


Mclaren37 Mon 22-Feb-16 04:01:26

Oh I like Archie and Alice! Lovely!
I do agree that Archie and Darcey is too rhymes for me. I might end up saying Darchie and Arcey... If you see what I mean.
We have Archie and Margot. (His full name is Archer though). Iris and Nancy were on our list too. But I vote Alice!

gooseberryroolz Mon 22-Feb-16 04:08:06

Maude, Eliza, Edith/Edie.

Mummylester31 Mon 22-Feb-16 12:33:55

Thanks for all of your suggestions 😊

Minty82 Mon 22-Feb-16 12:38:11

I know adult siblings called Archie and Georgia and Archie and Bella. Don't know any little ones. I think Archie and Alice sounds great actually!

DontKillMyVibe Mon 22-Feb-16 18:20:07

I think Archie and Alice go really well together. Darcy does sound silly though due to the rhyming.

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