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karenmilan Sun 21-Feb-16 10:19:48

Expecting twins, late April, bit scared, but that is another topic.
Thinking about Jack and Jill (obviously a boy and a girl) but is that too "twee"?
Other options is at the opposite end of the scale. Found Maddox for the boy on this website [] and Tabitha found here on [] (that baby name generator/finder thing is just so funny!

dementedma Sun 21-Feb-16 10:22:23

Jack and Jill is too twee. They will have the piss taken out of them.
Personally I don't like Maddox, but Maddox and Tabitha is better than Jack and Jill.

mrsschu Sun 21-Feb-16 10:29:46

Jack and Jill is really, really silly... I don't like Maddox or Tabitha but much better than Jack and Jill.

karenmilan Sun 21-Feb-16 10:45:14

hey, don't hold back there. "The piss taken out of them"- charming!

How many kids do you think know the story of jack & Jill now. Probably more likely to know who Kim Kardashian is. Anyway, Jack is maternal Grandparent and I still like it. Maybe something else with it though.

dementedma Sun 21-Feb-16 10:53:10

Sorry. When you asked for thoughts.......
Jack is nice, and so is Jill. I just think that together, people will....yup, take the piss.

Mummamayhem Sun 21-Feb-16 10:55:20

Not keen on jack and jill together, I think nearly all generations know that story, my children's nursery and school read it. And other parents certainly will.
Jack is a lovely name though.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:55:20

Jack amd Jill for twins is just awful.

Jack and Tabitha are fine.

I don't like Maddox.

sugarplumfairy28 Sun 21-Feb-16 11:03:07

I'm not bothered about the nursery rhyme connection, children will find anything to take the mick out of regardless of how hard you try. I'm just not a fan of Jill, I like Jack and Tabitha, or Maddox and Tabitha

Lottie2611 Sun 21-Feb-16 11:08:21

Jack and tabitha are lovely x

Sophronia Sun 21-Feb-16 11:15:59

Jack and Tabitha are nice

BikeRunSki Sun 21-Feb-16 13:02:27

My children are 7 and 4, both fully versed in Jack and Jill from baby groups on...

Jack and Tabitha is a nice combo

IWantedThatBiscuit Sun 21-Feb-16 13:06:21

Jack and Jill is ridiculous. Be serious.

Jack and Tabitha - lovely.

HeteronormativeHaybales Sun 21-Feb-16 13:13:10

Please don't do Jack and Jill!
I've often thought that if I had boy/girl twins I might consider calling them Thomas and Tamsin (both meaning 'twin').
Tabitha is nice, but I'm not keen on Maddox and nor am I on Jack. Joseph goes well with Tabitha IMO, or Clement perhaps.

KatieT12 Sun 21-Feb-16 13:37:14

Oh my gosh, you actually think Jack and Jill is a good idea? hmm

Jack is nice, I don't like the others.

DontKillMyVibe Sun 21-Feb-16 13:43:46

Jack and Jill would be ridiculous together. Jack and Tabitha if you must.

Horseshoe1 Sun 21-Feb-16 14:05:07

Have to agree Jack and Jill sounds odd! Sorry.
Jack and Tabitha / Maddox and Tabitha work fine.

If you like alliteration..
Jack and Joni
Jack and Josie
Jack and Jemima
Jack and Jessica
Jack and Jennifer

NeedACleverNN Sun 21-Feb-16 14:14:06

Jack and Jill hmm seriously.

Why not Hansal and Gretal

No don't do it.

I know old fashioned names are coming back into fashion but I hate the name jill.

Jack is lovely though.

I like Tabitha

karenmilan Sun 21-Feb-16 14:45:57

Gretel. Now if only I can convince my partner.....

karenmilan Sun 21-Feb-16 14:47:50

Sorry, the last message was me being funny. Don't know what happened to the smiley.

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 21-Feb-16 14:51:46

Isn't Jack and Jill slang for the pill too? Or is that just where I live?

justlikeastar Sun 21-Feb-16 15:41:31

Jack is lovely, one of my favourite boys names. Please don't pair it with Jill though, not only is it ridiculous with the nursery rhyme connection but it also just isn't a very nice name (in my opinion, of course.)

Tabitha is pretty. Jack goes with most girls names, tbh!

manicinsomniac Sun 21-Feb-16 16:25:33

Agree with everyone else, sorry. Jack and Jill is really not a good idea. Everyone, old and young, knows that nursery rhyme.

Jack is lovely. I really don't like Jill. Tabitha and Maddox are okay but I'm not keen.

Flossieflower01 Sun 21-Feb-16 16:28:52

These are actual people that you're naming, not guinea pigs! Jack and Jill (and any other matchy twin names) is awful! Jack and Tabitha is fine. Maddox is dreadful.

HackerFucker22 Mon 22-Feb-16 06:31:11

Not keen on same letter names for twins, seems to 'try hard' to me but there are combos I like

Jack and Jasmine
Jack and Juliet
Jack and Jessica

I agree that Jack and Tabitha work. I like Jack and Kitty too.

Not Jill though.....

Rearoftheyear Mon 22-Feb-16 06:44:29

Jackson and Gillian?

I really like Tabitha.

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