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Opinions on Finley?

(28 Posts)
BabyBoy123 Sat 20-Feb-16 12:58:23

NN would be Finn... smile

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 20-Feb-16 13:02:05

Very popular.

ppandj Sat 20-Feb-16 13:11:24

I really like it but it is quite popular. Wouldn't put me off but does bother some people.

Sophronia Sat 20-Feb-16 13:47:04

I prefer the Finlay spelling

FATEdestiny Sat 20-Feb-16 13:51:32

I prefer with the A spelling - Finlay.

As a NN I prefer Fynn. But the Fynnley spelling is awful, really clunky.

thebiscuitindustry Sat 20-Feb-16 14:25:15

I don't like it but it's popular so clearly many people do. If you love it, use it!

DontKillMyVibe Sat 20-Feb-16 15:11:00

It's very very popular - depends if that bothers you. What about Flynn/Flinn instead?

mrsschu Sat 20-Feb-16 23:10:35

Finn is cute, not too keen on Finley/Finlay. I know a couple of Finn's under 5 but no Finlay's.

ddeemummy Sat 20-Feb-16 23:43:45

Its really popular where I live its one of them names that just seem to be everywhere so would put me off. Prefer FInn

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 20-Feb-16 23:47:13

I met a Finnian today, a nice variation on the Finleys I thought.

cecilelliott Sun 21-Feb-16 10:07:14

Ditto to the above. Nice name, but crazily popular.

Mclaren37 Mon 22-Feb-16 05:02:24

Like Finn, but know so many that I'm a bit bored with it. Finley reminds me of Finley Quay and bad 90s music which for some reason really puts me off it!

jamtartandcustard Mon 22-Feb-16 09:46:04

it is really really popular. i think there are much nicer names out there

MadameDePompom Mon 22-Feb-16 12:57:14

I like Finn but don't like Finley. Finn is a name in its own right, not just a NN of Finley.

MadameDePompom Mon 22-Feb-16 12:57:30

Finn may well be older than Finley too!

insan1tyscartching Mon 22-Feb-16 13:00:30

Loads and loads of Finley/Finlays around here. There are seven in reception so for me it would be a no. I'd go with Finn although I know two Finn's born in the last six months so maybe that is on the up as well.

VivaHate Mon 22-Feb-16 13:08:40

Love it, that's my boy name of choice as well.

gruffallofriend Mon 22-Feb-16 16:00:34

Loads of Finns (Finleys/Finlays/Finnians/Fintons etc) out there already, there are 4 in our local Beavers group. I think this will start to fall out of favour and sound dated soon.

Pinkheart5915 Mon 22-Feb-16 16:02:49

I like it , and it is quite popular where I live

CPtart Mon 22-Feb-16 16:25:38

Too many.

RiverTam Mon 22-Feb-16 16:27:36

It's not popular at all round here. Finlay is a nicer spelling.

I like it!

RoseDeWittBukater Mon 22-Feb-16 16:29:32

I have a Finley and if I'm honest I wouldn't choose it if I had my time again. He's older than the most popular age for it but it's soaring popularity has really put me off. He prefers to go by Fin. Which I utterly hate because it should have 2 n's

SuburbanRhonda Mon 22-Feb-16 16:32:51

Too many of them around these days - sorry.

AngelsWithFilthySouls Mon 22-Feb-16 16:35:06

Really don't like Finley, sorry. But, we have a Finn which I obviously love and yet to meet another (he's the first Finn ever at his nursery which is in a busy city centre) so I don't find it to be that popular where we are anyway.

Lottie2611 Mon 22-Feb-16 16:46:41

I think it's quite cute. Not a name Id use myself but I do like it

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