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Do you know any Joseph's who aren't Joe???

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Tollygunge Sat 20-Feb-16 09:12:07

Just that really. I adore the name Joseph but hate it's abbreviated form. Joseph is (for me) one of the purest biblical names and Joe is just a bit... Meh. Can I risk naming a child Joseph or is it inevitable he will be a Joe?

IMurderedStampyLongnose Sat 20-Feb-16 09:12:48

Yep two of them.its a lovely name.

Wineandpopcorn Sat 20-Feb-16 09:13:27

Yes my nephew!

GoofyIsACow Sat 20-Feb-16 09:13:54

Yes, my DS, he doesn't answer to Joe, it doesn't compute in his brain!

I am sure he will get joe as he gets older (9 now) but to me he will always be joseph.

Fourormore Sat 20-Feb-16 09:14:02

I went to school with a Joseph who wasn't a Joe. I think when he goes to school it's very likely that he will become a Joe unless he doesn't want to be.

dementedma Sat 20-Feb-16 09:17:30

Yup Ds is 14 and still a Joseph. If anyone calls him Joe he just politely says "its Joseph." Even his mates call him Joseph.

His big sisters however call him Fofe or Fofers from when he was a toddler and couldn't say his name and managed "Fofuf"!

His grandmother calls him " cake brain"hmm

purplepandas Sat 20-Feb-16 09:18:40

Yes. It's a lovely name smile

Acunningruse Sat 20-Feb-16 09:23:03

I know 3 little Josephs who are all called Joe by everyone. I only know of one 4 year old Joseph who seems to be known mainly as Joseph. His mum is quite scary though so I suspect a hard glare from her puts an end to any abbreviations grin

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 20-Feb-16 09:35:07

I know two Josephs, aged about 7 and 6 I think. I can't remember ever hearing either called Joe.

Sunshine87 Sat 20-Feb-16 09:41:05

I have a Joseph he gets called Joe. He will shorten it if he wants to when hes older and everyone seems to go with Joe. Suddenly he wants to be referred to as Joseph hmm

dontcryitsonlyajoke Sat 20-Feb-16 09:44:09

My son's Best friend is 8 and always Joseph even to his friends.

TheFormidableMrsC Sat 20-Feb-16 09:48:01

Acunningruse...I wonder if that scary Mum is me wink

My DS is a Joseph and it is not abbreviated. Even he corrects people. I would prefer it to remain thus, but I imagine it will change as he gets older.

MamaYoyo Sat 20-Feb-16 10:08:54

My DH. Although he is known to his closest friends by a short version of his middle name.

Tollygunge Sat 20-Feb-16 10:11:50

Really can't agree on anything else. I also really like Fox but suspect that's a bit of a name to carry off and poor kid may well not thank me for it! The other option is Aaron (because I can't get away with Elvis) or Clement (Clem)

dementedma Sat 20-Feb-16 10:18:10

Stick with Joseph, tollygrin

GloopyGhoul Sat 20-Feb-16 10:47:46

I went to Uni with a Seph. Was a much twattier nickname than Joe!

GloopyGhoul Sat 20-Feb-16 10:48:34

Aaron is nice, but fgs please don't name your child Fox!

MarshaBrady Sat 20-Feb-16 10:49:45


Sophronia Sat 20-Feb-16 10:58:07

I know one who goes by Joss

KatieT12 Sat 20-Feb-16 12:55:12

I know 1, but all the others are Joe...

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 20-Feb-16 12:59:50

All the ones I know are Joe. Even the DS of my best friend who is devastated about it. It's a pain, I call him Joe to him, but refer to him as Joseph when Im with her!

Headmelt Sat 20-Feb-16 13:01:26

My friend and his Dad are both Joseph. Everyone calls the dad Joe and my friend Joe Joe. He is always correcting people but they still do it.

Tollygunge Sat 20-Feb-16 13:05:49

Ah, Joseph's out I think then. I really really love it though. Dang. Maybe Art instead not Arthur.

TheFormidableMrsC Sat 20-Feb-16 13:18:33

Why is Joseph out Tollygunge? I have a friend called Rebecca...she just wants to be called Rebecca and quickly corrects anybody who calls her Becca or Becky...I always tell anybody who tries to shorten my son's name that they mustn't...or he does! If you love it, have it and make sure everybody knows you wish it to stay "intact" smile

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 20-Feb-16 13:21:52

I think names like Joseph, daniel, William, Benjamin are easier to shorten MrsC because it's simply just using the first syllable of their name. Names like Rebecca have to be thought through to shorten because the whole name changes. I think anyway.

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