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Daughter has arrived and needs a name!

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cornwallsharon Fri 19-Feb-16 11:08:35

So our daughter arrived yesterday but is still nameless. We were on the verge of going with Joely but I really don't like 'Jo' as a nn which seems inevitable.

Then we thought of Joni which I somehow imagine is easier to say, so less likely to get the 'Jo' treatment.

I realise we'll never get a uninanimous opinion but I'd welcome thoughts!

YouSaffBridge Fri 19-Feb-16 11:18:02

Love Joni, or Joanie. One of our shortlist names is Joanna nn Joanie.

You can never be certain you'll not get a nickname you don't really like at some point. However when they are little you do get a degree of control over what you shorten the name to (i.e. always calling an Elizabeth 'Lizzie') and you can hope that the child likes that shortening so much they never want to change it.

DD has a long name than can be shortened several ways and no one has said anything other than the shortening we use.


babyandnames Fri 19-Feb-16 11:29:44

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InternationalHouseofToast Fri 19-Feb-16 11:32:21

Do you like Lee or Lea for her as a nickname? Or just keep referring to her using her full name - my DS's name has never been shortened and we always use his full name.

thebiscuitindustry Fri 19-Feb-16 12:28:59

Josephine (Josie)

ButterflyOfFreedom Fri 19-Feb-16 12:35:12

I prefer Joni to Joely.

Other 'J' name suggestions:

Jessica (Jessie)
Jane / Janey
Jean / Jeanie
Jennifer / Jenny
Jude / Judy
Jade / Jada
Jemima (Mima)


Borninthe60s Fri 19-Feb-16 12:36:07

Joely, nickname Ellie?

KatieT12 Fri 19-Feb-16 13:02:01

I prefer Joely and I think you're less likely to get Jo with that. I went to school with one and she never got 'Jo' smile

MadameDePompom Fri 19-Feb-16 13:14:22


I'm a big fan of Ms Mitchell so I definitely prefer Joni to Joely. It's snappy and cool.

OneMagnumisneverenough Fri 19-Feb-16 13:17:20

Or you could have Joanie?

Or I quite like Josie (Josephine)

Gracey79 Fri 19-Feb-16 13:19:28

Jovie smile

MadameDePompom Fri 19-Feb-16 13:26:53


PotOfYoghurt Fri 19-Feb-16 13:28:28

We can't possibly help without a picture. Tis nigh impossible.

cheekstime Fri 19-Feb-16 14:56:05

H I'm in hope that our child will be able to say what it wants to be called though e.g if it liked Jo fair enough if not "excuse me it's Joely". Maybe opt for your favourite - Joely rather than letting other people decide the fate of your childs name maybe. Joni isn't bad name though x

JeanGenie23 Fri 19-Feb-16 15:02:36

Nicknames will occur no matter what you call her.

I like the following


Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 19-Feb-16 15:03:48

I like Jodie - what about Jenna? Or Gemma - I like Gem as a nn !!

Dogadviceneeded Fri 19-Feb-16 18:34:26

Joni is ace

manicinsomniac Sat 20-Feb-16 00:27:31

I like Joni - would probably use something like Joanna on the birth certificate though.

Joely I'm not keen on at all - it sounds a bit like jowly to me.


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