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Going round in circles

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Youreadthebabybooks Sat 13-Feb-16 14:09:04

I have posted a couple of times and keep coming back round but I have four top names ( middle name probably Megan or maybe Beth ) any preferences ? Or other suggestions I may not have considered ?
Clara Megan/ Beth ( what would be the nn ?)
Jenna Megan/ Beth ( don't LOVE Jen as nn)
Hannah Megan/ Beth ( no offence but is it boring)
Flora Megan/ Beth ( so many Florence's around too similar ?

vichill Sat 13-Feb-16 14:15:33

Clara Megan is the nicest but there is no nn.

Thetruthfairy Sat 13-Feb-16 14:54:22

Nicknames evolve anyway. I have Clara on my list... I will probably call her Clarabell or something else a bit cute (maybe just at home though!).

thebiscuitindustry Sat 13-Feb-16 15:04:24

I like Clara Megan and Hannah Megan.

Cassia Megan
Jessica Megan
Anna Megan
Megan Clara
Jasmine Beth
Bethany Hannah

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sat 13-Feb-16 15:05:49

Does she need a nickname?
I like Clara Megan best.

Sophronia Sat 13-Feb-16 15:52:33

I like Jenna Megan and Hannah Megan

DickDewy Sat 13-Feb-16 15:57:03

Doe she need a nickname?

I know several children with all of your names apart from Jenna. I know one Jenna, she is 35. Lovely name.

eachtigertires Sat 13-Feb-16 16:47:58

I have a friend named Jenna. She is never known as Jen.

DontKillMyVibe Sat 13-Feb-16 18:42:25

Clara Megan is my favourite and I don't really think you need to have a nn. I prefer Megan Clara though.

I don't like the name Jenna but the Jenna that I know has never been called Jen if that helps

ashesandfire Sat 13-Feb-16 19:06:54

Clara Beth is my favourite.

manicinsomniac Sat 13-Feb-16 20:01:44

I love Hannah. Think Beth goes better than Megan

GracieGraives Mon 15-Feb-16 03:40:34


ABitAsleep Tue 16-Feb-16 16:40:56

I'm not keen on Jenna, i prefer Jenny, but i love your Clara, Hannah and Flora. Personally i think Beth flows better than Megan for a middle name for all of them.

pilates Tue 16-Feb-16 16:52:31

Clara Megan

FarrowandBallAche Wed 17-Feb-16 17:59:50

Cassia is gorgeous.

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