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Eris - Greek Goddess of Chaos

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BreakHerOffAKitKat Wed 10-Feb-16 12:27:57

Any thoughts on this? I kinda like it

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 10-Feb-16 12:29:14

Dangerous, very dangerous.

Stylingwax Wed 10-Feb-16 12:30:06

Love it. I've just named my daughter after a Roman Goddess. Got raised eyebrows but bollocks to them.

BreakHerOffAKitKat Wed 10-Feb-16 12:30:28

I did think I might open myself up to a life of mischief and shenanigans!!

stickygotstuck Wed 10-Feb-16 12:35:26

I love mythology-inspired names. Several members of my family are called after various goddesses and gods, and we considered a few for DD.

However, I pay a lot of attention to the meanings, not sure I'd go with 'chaos' personally. But if you are happy with that, go ahead.

The actual sound is lovely.

BreakHerOffAKitKat Wed 10-Feb-16 12:40:15

I am torn - the name does have a lovely sound but I've just done a little more research on the meaning. Could be bad news.

Eris is the Goddess of War, Strife & Chaos in Greek Mythology. It is also the name of a planet which was discovered in 2005.

Goddess of dispute and quarrel, who was not invited to Peleus wedding with Thetis, causing her to ruin the party and the peace between men and gods by making a golden apple with the inscription "to the most beautiful" which she threw into the banquet. Because Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all thought they were the most beautiful, a brawl started, leading to the Trojan War.

Eris was sometimes called the Daughter of the Night.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 10-Feb-16 12:40:28

It's not just chaos though, which might be anarchic and fun - it also translates as strife and Eris is sometimes equated with the goddess of war. I remember translating Greek choruses where the women are praying to Eris to leave them alone because they don't want their babies to be killed in war. Given what is happening in Syria at the moment I find it a little chilling.

However, it is just a collection of vowels and consonants when all's said and done, so if you don't care about the meaning, well, it's very pretty!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 10-Feb-16 12:45:02

X-post! Yes, exactly.

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