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Middle name help :)

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YorkshireMummy0516 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:19:52

So both me and my husband have 2 middle names and we'd like to carry that on for our daughter. First name will probably be Olivia and one middle name will be Rose, 2 syllable surname beginning with C. Any thoughts for the other middle name? Don't mind if Rose is the 2nd or last name smile

YakTriangle Sun 07-Feb-16 20:23:18

No family or friends names you'd want to include? I know a family where the children have two middle babes each but they all have one their parents just liked, and one after a family member.
Madeleine, Louisa and Beatrice sprung to mind as possible nice middle names though. Any good?

YorkshireMummy0516 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:25:43

Rose is a family name smile the only other one is Anne; im not a fan of that and it's one of my names blush thanks for your suggestions smile

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 07-Feb-16 20:48:32

Olivia Megan Rose
Olivia Kate Rose
Olivia Georgina Rose
Olivia Sophie Rose
Olivia Seren Rose
Olivia Fern Rose
Olivia Willow Rose
Olivia Frances Rose
Olivia Teresa Rose
Olivia Ashley Rose
Olivia Any Rose
Olivia Molly Rose
Olivia Charlotte Rose
Olivia Margaret Rose
Olivia Helen Rose
Olivia Esme Rose

pilates Mon 08-Feb-16 11:13:01

Olivia Francesca Rose
Olivia Catherine Rose
Olivia Madeline Rose

Monkeymonstermum Mon 08-Feb-16 11:46:51

Have you taken your husbands surname? If so is there a version of your maiden name you could use? Eg if you were George then Georgina if you were Evans then Evelyn etc...

YorkshireMummy0516 Mon 08-Feb-16 12:55:44

No sadly my maiden name was quite unusual, and vaguely German hmm but that's an interesting idea!!
Pilates - you hit my ideal name on the head! Olivia Francesca Rose - Just can't seem to convince my husband on Francesca sad

Dreamimgofmyholiday Mon 08-Feb-16 13:25:44

What about Olivia Alice Rose?

Monkeymonstermum Mon 08-Feb-16 14:32:26

I'd have a serious think about using your maiden name then - I think it's nice to carry on the family line and all that.....

manicinsomniac Mon 08-Feb-16 17:55:02

Olivia Rose Marie
Olive Rose Elise
Olivia Rose Diane
Olivia Rose Camille
Olivia Rose Giselle

Olivia Ariana Rose
Olivia Aurelia Rose
Olivia Cassandra Rose
Olivia Genevieve Rose
Olivia Hermione Rose
Olivia Jasmine Rose
Olivia Miranda Rose
Olivia Victoria Rose

MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Mon 08-Feb-16 18:00:15

You should use your maiden name - I think it's important to carry on a family name

HeteronormativeHaybales Mon 08-Feb-16 18:08:24

I am really, really liking Olivia Frances Rose, as per a pp. Flows beautifully.

KnockMeDown Mon 08-Feb-16 18:10:18

Olivia Elizabeth Rose

Perfect grin

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