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Baby's initials spell...

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Notrobusta Sat 06-Feb-16 01:13:28


We have pretty much decided on a first name for our baby boy and the middle names could be swapped around. Just wondering if the initials pose a problem in any way.

paranoiddroid Sat 06-Feb-16 01:15:38

I think you're over analysing

catsofa Sat 06-Feb-16 01:20:31

I think the OP is just checking.

No problem that I can see!

Will you share the name?

Congrats BTW smile

TrappedInAWitchesCurse Sat 06-Feb-16 01:21:35

Eh? What's wrong with AREB? It means nothing to me if that's any help!

ThisWasCrownjewel Sat 06-Feb-16 01:22:25

Nope, can't see anything wrong with that.

MadameDePompom Sat 06-Feb-16 03:18:42

There's Animal Research Ethics Board, Agència Estatal de Resolució d'Entitats Bancàries, Asian Rabies Expert Bureau, and something to do with genes!

I think you're fine to proceed grin

Amziix Sat 06-Feb-16 03:41:28

Both mine and my daughters names contain the initials MJ. That gets commented on a lot! Don't see anything wrong with AREB though! smile

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