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Nooooo!!! Having a meltdown!!

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Romazing Wed 03-Feb-16 12:47:58

I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when my husband's ex girlfriend announced the birth of her son.... GRIFF! We've literally had that name picked out for our son since we found out we were having a baby.

I picked the name so it's not even anything to do with my husband and we've kept it a secret. We're Welsh and the typical spelling is Gruff, which leads to people saying GRUFF (as in Billy goats) so we went for Griff to save him a lifetime of correcting people.....They even have the same bl**dy spelling!!!

I've bought him lots of little things with his name on and our 5 year old son has really identified with his new little brother being Griff....I can't believe it!!!! and now we'll probably look like a right pair of weirdos for having the same name as his ex. We have a lot of mutual friends and we live in a small town....ARGH!

I'm 33 weeks and hormonal haha Please slap me and tell me I'm over-reacting!

pinkyredrose Wed 03-Feb-16 12:50:17

You're over reacting! Her choosing the name has nothing to do with you, you can still use it!

Diddlydokey Wed 03-Feb-16 12:51:15

Well, if it helps, I would still think of Billy Goats if it was Griff or Gruff. It sounds more like a dog's name to me but I'm not familiar with it.

I would have to choose something else if I were you.

Romazing Wed 03-Feb-16 12:55:09

It's quite popular in Wales, I'm not to bothered if it sounds like a dog name. It's more the fact that I'll be announcing shortly that we have a son with the exact name as my husbands ex's son.

CultureSucksDownWords Wed 03-Feb-16 12:56:58

Does she live nearby? Will people you know really know what she's called her son?

NoCapes Wed 03-Feb-16 12:58:35

I would change it
You'll look a bit odd plus it's horrible

Epilepsyhelp Wed 03-Feb-16 12:58:52

That's a shame but no one will remember soon enough. At least it's not someone you'll be seeing/chatting to a lot! Have you told anyone else you're planning to use it? The only thing that would bother me would be people thinking you'd copied her so as long as you mentioned it to someone that's ok..

Though I suppose it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks!

Sophronia Wed 03-Feb-16 13:09:20

If it's quite popular in Wales then I don't think it would be too weird, it's not like you've both chosen something really obscure.

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 03-Feb-16 13:27:17

Is there bad feeling between you? If there was I'd probably go for a different name but if everything is amicable I'd just go ahead with the Griff. You're in Wales and it's a popular Welsh name. If anyone says anything just tell them you'd had it picked out from the start.

Mclaren37 Wed 03-Feb-16 13:27:44

How annoying. I don't suppose it's that surprising in that you were bound to have similar taste!! (In men / names...!) if Griff is not too unusual where you love then I think it's fine and I don't think you should give up on your fav name. Love it btw, brings to mind Griff Rhys Jones yay!

leoniethelioness Wed 03-Feb-16 19:18:49

Griffin nn Griff instead? Or Griffith or Gruffudd nn Griff?

sugarplumfairy28 Wed 03-Feb-16 19:50:20

If it's on a similar basis as say maybe the name James in England, then I wouldn't worry about it. I hate to say it but this is what puts me off popular names in general.

aimees75 Wed 03-Feb-16 20:40:01

What a shame for you. I think it's important to be really happy with a name from the start and it sounds like she may have (unintentionally) spoiled it for you a bit. I would pick a new one. There are so many after out there, after all flowers

ConesOfDunshire Thu 04-Feb-16 01:22:07

I would use it, but with the traditional spelling of Gruff, and if people ask then maintain that you think it's 'so important to maintain the Welsh spellings and resist the anglicisation of our heritage'...but perhaps you are a better person than me wink

pilates Thu 04-Feb-16 12:31:53

I would have to change it.

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