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Arthur or George to go with existing boys?

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MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Fri 29-Jan-16 21:01:56

We have 2 sons, Edward and James

Son 3 is due shortly and we are agonising over George and Arthur.

George is the "safe" option and we like safe. Arthur is a bit more "out there" (by our standards!)

I worry that Edward, James and George sounds a bit "Thomas the Tank Engine" and that as a sibling set maybe "James, Edward and Arthur" is a bit more interesting.

We are really going back and forward on this one. I love both names but wonder if we used George I'd regret letting Arthur slip through our fingers so to speak.

christmashope Fri 29-Jan-16 21:04:17

I like George I wish we had named our first son this name but instead it's his middle name
Also goes well with your two other sons names

VerBot Fri 29-Jan-16 21:11:32

Thought you might like to read this, it was linked on the article a poster put on the unique name thread. A funny read if nothing else.

MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Fri 29-Jan-16 21:19:44

haha great article!

Eyre89 Fri 29-Jan-16 21:23:01

I like them both but we didn't go with George when our ds was born as it's hugely popular again with Prince George. I think Arthur goes lovely with the other names.

allegretto Fri 29-Jan-16 21:27:06

Arthur is great but we went for George as Italian relatives couldn't do th sound - which meant Edith was out too! Also Cameron has an Arthur which put me off a bit

tinofbiscuits Fri 29-Jan-16 21:40:39

I prefer George and think it goes well with Edward and James. Arthur is a bit fuddy-duddy.

Mclaren37 Fri 29-Jan-16 22:03:04

Arthur is great! Slightly prefer it to George and agree it sounds even better with the names of your other two. (I know everyone says this but I do love the nn Art.)

Mouthfulofquiz Fri 29-Jan-16 22:12:43

What I will say is that George is a very grumpy steamroller in Thomas the tank engine, and Arthur is a rather charming engine!! grin
Why not go for Gordon, who pulls the express? He's fabulous.
In all seriousness - they are lovely names, but of the two, I prefer Arthur.

Stephieee Fri 29-Jan-16 22:18:50

I prefer George, but it's so overused! Arthur gets my vote smile

HRHsherlockssextoy Fri 29-Jan-16 22:27:12

I have an Edward, his middle name is Arthur.

Thomas and friends have lovely names! Well the original lot did anyway.

I have taught a few George's.interesting characters. I prefer Arthur.

SoThatHappened Sat 30-Jan-16 05:07:46

As George is a soft G you'll have two names beginning with a J sound.

Arthur works better

MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Sat 30-Jan-16 05:25:13

Thanks sothathappened does anyone else have any opinion on James and George sounding too similar?

DelusionIsEntirelyPersonal Sat 30-Jan-16 05:46:22

My sister has an Arthur, George and Henry. Great names.

Given you have a James, I think you have to go for Arthur.

(As an aside my first love was a James with a brother called Edward - it's a classic name set!).

Do you have any middle names in mind?

MyNameIsSuz Sat 30-Jan-16 07:17:23

I think they sound too similar too, I'd go with Arthur.

Ilovenannyplum Sat 30-Jan-16 07:31:13

I'd go with Arthur, love that name and it matches your over two well

Congratulations thanks

WannaBeAMummy16 Sat 30-Jan-16 08:04:00

I met a little Arthur a couple of days ago, he was 16 months old.

I prefer George as a first name though.

Notso Sat 30-Jan-16 08:30:14

I love George but I'd go for Arthur to liven things up a bit.

pilates Sat 30-Jan-16 08:42:54

George, go for what you like. Great names BTW.

Murloc Sat 30-Jan-16 08:49:46

I've got a 36 hour old George Arthur asleep on my chest right now.

Not helpful, but wanted to tell you all anyway.

They're both lovely!

WannaBeAMummy16 Sat 30-Jan-16 08:55:58

Murloc Congratulations!!

Penguito Sat 30-Jan-16 09:15:32

Arthur, James and George don't really go together. Arthur is lovely

MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Sat 30-Jan-16 13:45:14

murloc what a gorgeous name! (obviously biased!!) congrats!

penguito it would be either arthur OR George so we wouldn't have both (definitely not having a 4th!)

IssiePink Sat 30-Jan-16 13:46:55

Arthur goes better

MyBigFatGreekYoghurt Sat 30-Jan-16 20:36:33

Seems pretty split! It's so hard picking a name!

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