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Mary, Edith or Lucy

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PetersonPeterson Mon 25-Jan-16 21:19:06

Middle name Josephine. Thanks!

BossWitch Mon 25-Jan-16 21:21:31

I like Mary. Not heard of a Mary for ages!

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Jan-16 21:26:40

Mary or Lucy go best with Josephine.

DrewsWife Mon 25-Jan-16 21:28:24

Love Edith. But I have a love of old names

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 25-Jan-16 21:28:35


crapfatbanana Mon 25-Jan-16 22:10:00


magpie17 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:14:46

Ooh Edith, it's lovely!

magpie17 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:15:19

Although I love Josephine for a first name!

sarahbanshee Mon 25-Jan-16 22:17:09

I love Edith, but if you're set on Josephine then Mary Josephine sounds best.

justjodie92 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:19:14


Humble314 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:21:23


Doilooklikeatourist Mon 25-Jan-16 22:22:04

Mary , though I'm not keen on Josephine with it
It's a bit too much like Mary and Joseph as sibling names which is a bit twee

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Mon 25-Jan-16 22:27:44

Edith (or shortened to Edie)

rocket74 Mon 25-Jan-16 23:09:03

Combine the two - Meredith

Great name grin

Sophronia Mon 25-Jan-16 23:15:00


iciclewinter Tue 26-Jan-16 00:49:02

1. Lucy
2. Edith
3. Mary

BatMobile Tue 26-Jan-16 04:43:44


BoxofSnails Tue 26-Jan-16 04:46:24

Sadly I think Edith Josephine is less "flow-y" than Lucy Josephine. Not Mary, but Meredith is lovely.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Tue 26-Jan-16 04:50:02

Downton Abbey fan?

Mclaren37 Tue 26-Jan-16 06:51:22

Edith! I adore Edie smile

WannaBeAMummy16 Tue 26-Jan-16 08:15:23

Lucy Josephine. I don't like Mary or Edith but those with Lucy make a fantastic sister-set!

BertrandRussell Tue 26-Jan-16 08:17:55

Mary! Love Mary,

Allalonenow Tue 26-Jan-16 08:22:34


Not keen on Mary, and think Edith Josephine has no "flow".

FlyDragonfly1 Tue 26-Jan-16 09:10:38

I like Mary, although Mary Josephine is the first and middle name of Mary from Downton Abbey - shouldn't be a problem though as they're not making any more.

Really pretty names. I love Edith as well.

maybebabybee Tue 26-Jan-16 09:12:28

I don't like any of them at all but Lucy is the best.

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