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Middle name help

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Youreadthebabybooks Mon 25-Jan-16 07:42:33

One of my favourite names on our list is Clara
But trying to think of a middle name to go with it
So far we have
Clara Megan
Clara Madeleine
Clara Cate

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 25-Jan-16 07:55:48

Clara Megan is lovely.
Other suggestions.
Clara Beth
Clara Grace
Clara Jane

iciclewinter Mon 25-Jan-16 09:37:36

Clara Josephine
Clara Lucy
Clara Seren
Clara Felicity
Clara Melanie
Clara Juliet
Clara Marianne
Clara Susannah
Clara Natalie
Clara Jasmine
Clara Miriam

OneMagnumisneverenough Mon 25-Jan-16 09:59:20

Clara Louise
Clara Romily
Clara Jean
Clara Gabrielle
Clara Diane

tangerinesarenottheonlyfruit Mon 25-Jan-16 10:11:13

It's nice to have a middle name which has some meaning I reckon.

Can you give us something to go on, e.g.

When's she due? (There are loads of names related to dates or times of year, not just the obvious ones).

Do you either of you have any non-English heritage?

GoldPlatedBacon Mon 25-Jan-16 10:14:43

I like Clara Megan

Clara Jemima
Clara Eloise
Clara Jean

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 25-Jan-16 10:21:39

Clara Paige
Clara Pearl
Clara Faith.
Clara Jasmine
Clara Jo

FarrowandBallAche Mon 25-Jan-16 10:51:56

Clara Isabelle
Clara Lucinda
Clara Elisabeth

Sophronia Mon 25-Jan-16 14:43:44

Clara Megan is nice

Clara Beatrice
Clara Rosalind
Clara Catherine
Clara Daphne
Clara Esther
Clara Susan
Clara Evelyn
Clara Lillian
Clara Emily
Clara Frances
Clara Genevieve
Clara Harriet
Clara Caroline
Clara Helen
Clara Imogen
Clara Juliet
Clara Lucy
Clara Josephine
Clara Mathilde
Clara Penelope
Clara Tamsin
Clara Violet
Clara Emmeline
Clara Isabel
Clara Phoebe
Clara Juno
Clara Vivienne

CelestiaLuna Mon 25-Jan-16 17:59:39

Clara Clementine nn Cece smile

cecilelliott Wed 27-Jan-16 19:39:40

Clara is gorgeous!

I think one-syllable names often sound lovely with two-syllable first names. just avoid Rose and Grace, which are everywhere as middle names!

Clara Ruth
Clara Meg
Clara May
Clara Joy

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 27-Jan-16 19:50:54

Clara Monet
Clara Jade
Clara Jess
Clara Georgina

hawaiibaby Wed 27-Jan-16 21:05:36

I know a Clara Isobel, sounds lovely. Or how about Madeleine, Hope or Annabelle?

wizzler Sat 30-Jan-16 10:37:06

Clara Joy
Clara Faith

IssiePink Sat 30-Jan-16 13:23:22

Clara Madeleine

cheekstime Tue 02-Feb-16 12:55:52

Megan x

Monkeymonstermum Thu 04-Feb-16 15:48:25

Clara Madeleine
Clara Marianne
Clara Rosalind
Clara Francesca
Clara Rebecca
Clara Beatrice

pilates Thu 04-Feb-16 16:19:30

Clara Madeline is my favourite from your list

Clara Jane
Clara Rosalind
Clara Frances
Clara Imogen

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