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PooDogMillionaire Thu 21-Jan-16 17:32:09

Is it ready for a come back? Quite like it. My others are

Orli (Hebrew name)

And for boys it's Ezra wink

SuburbanRhonda Thu 21-Jan-16 17:34:43

Oh how fab, OP.

I've only known lovely Glorias. Go for it.

JeanGenie23 Thu 21-Jan-16 17:35:21

I really like Gloria!

I also love Joy smile

breezeharbour Thu 21-Jan-16 17:35:51

I really like it, it reminds me of the red hot chili peppers song

"G-L-O-R-I-A is love, my friend"

Sunshine511 Thu 21-Jan-16 17:36:01

Really like it smile and it's by far my favourite from your girls list x

omri Thu 21-Jan-16 17:38:16

Agree with sunshine - gorgeous name and best on your list. Don't know anyone called Gloria under 75; definitely due a comeback!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 21-Jan-16 17:39:29


Keziah and Molly are lovely.

CheekyMaleekey Thu 21-Jan-16 17:43:28

Gloria?! Sounds like the name for an elderly hairdresser, heavy-drinking lush. Awful.

PooDogMillionaire Thu 21-Jan-16 18:01:12

Thank you for your honest opinions grin.

I also like pandora but worried people would think of the bracelet shop...

Potterwolfie Thu 21-Jan-16 18:09:23

I once knew a fantastic lady called Glory, she was awesome!

Assquatch Thu 21-Jan-16 18:23:30

I like Molly. Gloria is the hippo in Madagascar and my dc love them films so I couldn't.

Only1scoop Thu 21-Jan-16 18:25:07

"Calling G L O R I A"

Oh I'm dancing now Op

I like it smile

Upthenoonoo Thu 21-Jan-16 18:26:33

Christ no! She'd never forgive you.

PuppyMonkey Thu 21-Jan-16 18:26:41

It's too soon imho. Gloria will always be a hard drinking older woman with bleached blonde hair and a fag.

PooDogMillionaire Thu 21-Jan-16 18:27:56


SoleBizzz Thu 21-Jan-16 18:30:32


Sunshine511 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:32:41

I'm not a fan of Pandora. It's tricky because, if you want something individual, logic says not everyone will like it! I think Gloria is sweet but I don't have any negative connotations of the name x

SugarDiabetes Thu 21-Jan-16 18:34:06

No to Pandora but a definite yes! to Gloria!

RiverTam Thu 21-Jan-16 18:36:29

I adore ya!
I implore ye
Don't ignore me

(Adrian Mole's ode to the love of his life)

Gloria to me is a lovely warm friendly bosomy black woman in her 60s. What's not to like!

I like Kezia (without the h). And I adore Ezra.

Burgatroyd Thu 21-Jan-16 18:43:41

Another vote for Gloria!

Shelleymoon Thu 21-Jan-16 18:45:42

No. It's awful. Poor child

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 21-Jan-16 18:45:58

It just reminds me of Gloria from Modern Family which is no bad thing I suppose. I reckon itd get shortened to Glo so thatd put me off.

Id pick Molly, or a different name entirely.

Orange1969 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:48:19

Not as bad as David Mitchell and Victoria Coren calling their child Barbara.

I just think of Gloria Hunniford with her mumsy hairdo.

Only1scoop Thu 21-Jan-16 18:53:58

River Tam

Didn't she like to be called 'Box'

ashesandfire Thu 21-Jan-16 20:32:53

No Gloria is a middle aged woman with platinum blonde hair, big hooped gold earrings, and a fag.
Why do I have such a clear mental image?!

Love Keziah! And Ezra. I like Lorelei too.

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