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We have a shortlist!

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Jellybean100 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:21:55

It's early days and it's bound to change but the shortlist so far is:

Edward (teddy)

I wanted to call baby Rupert but husband hates it so I think we will compromise and middle name will be Rupert (or William if we decide a different first name)

Any favourites?

PinkFairy22 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:41:36

Lovely names!
Edward/Teddy is my favourite.

pilates Thu 21-Jan-16 12:47:29

Jacob and Edward, but not keen on Teddy.

Lebkuchenlover Thu 21-Jan-16 13:36:20

Love Rupert!

Otherwise I'd pick Jacob or Edward (but I find Teddy too cutesy/beary).

MitzyLeFrouf Thu 21-Jan-16 13:46:30

Edward is my favourite from your list but Teddy is too cutsey for me too. Eddie seems a bit more robust.

After Edward I like Isaac.

ScarlettDarling Thu 21-Jan-16 13:49:48

Teddy is gorgeous for a baby, but past being a toddler I think it would sound odd and would choose Ted instead.

Jellybean100 Thu 21-Jan-16 13:57:04

If we chose Edward, it would be Edward, with nn teddy during babyhood and then Edward/Eddie when he grows up. Thanks guys!

Jw35 Thu 21-Jan-16 14:19:02

I like Jacob and Isaac. Not keen on Edward or Rupert.

Sophronia Thu 21-Jan-16 14:48:38

I like William best, followed by Jacob

iciclewinter Thu 21-Jan-16 15:01:23

They're all nice names. I like Jacob and William the best.

SweetSuz Thu 21-Jan-16 15:21:56

Jacob and Issac by far, Id react with interest if anyone mentioned a male by this name (unusual, strong, individual) but Edwards and Williams are by he 1000s and so very rigid and unexciting.

toffeeboffin Thu 21-Jan-16 15:23:01

Like them all.

Issac is my fave.

Sunshine511 Thu 21-Jan-16 17:41:53

My favourite is Isaac 😊 I believe Jacob to be extremely popular but I do love it. William is a little unexciting to me, compared to the rest of your list. Edward is okay. Teddy is cute but trendy at the moment and I dislike the nn Eddie. Hope this helps. All reasonable names whichever you choose x

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 21-Jan-16 17:43:54

Edward Rupert = yummy, but not sure you should do Teddy AND Rupert, unless you really like bears!

cecilelliott Fri 22-Jan-16 19:54:50

William and Edward. Jacob and Isaac seem a bit "of the moment!"

Good luck!

Madbengalmum Sat 23-Jan-16 14:51:41

Edward is my favorite

XxHanxX Sat 23-Jan-16 19:54:21

I love Teddy

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