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Change son's name (Huw) at 4 days old?

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Babynamedilemmahmm Wed 20-Jan-16 08:50:39

I've name changed for this as obviously could out me...

I've got a gorgeous 4 day old baby. We have announced to everyone he is called Huw.

I'm English, I can't see us moving to Wales at any point. My husband grew up in Wales and considers himself Welsh, he has English parents, but we long complicated Eastern European surname that have to spell out to everyone and get lots of comments 'wow that's some name!' 'I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce that' etc. So I've always said I'd like names which are easy to pronounce and which he won't have to go through life explaining.

My husband has always loved Huw. I used to like it to, although it wasn't a name I was familiar with growing up but when I heard a friend of a friend had called there child it a few years ago thought it sounded a lovely name. I don't like the English spelling version of the same pronunciation (Hugh) and not massive fan of Hugo.

Basically it was the only name that we could agree on so we went with it, I've vetoed his other suggestions as really don't like them (Morgan and Owen) and he doesn't particularly like my names I like (Samuel or Matthew).

I think I'd prefer a name change to Samuel (and go through the embarrassment of re-announcing to everyone) even though I do still quite like the name Huw and my husband doesn't particularly like Samuel. He says we can change it if I want although he sees him as a Huw now, but really I just want a name we both love, which I guess we haven't found but Huw is the closest (if it was just down to me I definitely think he looks like a Samuel not a Huw)

Is he going to have to go through life explaining his name if he is a Huw? Could a 'Huw .... Long complicated surname' be a prime minister or CEO?

Help me!! I guess the sooner the better for letting people know, and just want to make the right decision!!

nellyflora Wed 20-Jan-16 09:09:09

Samuel Hew .................. ? Would that please you both

Jw35 Wed 20-Jan-16 09:10:56

Huw is fine but it's not too early to change it. I assume he's not registered yet? Make sure you love the name-you're going to be saying it for many years! What about Samuel Huw? My sister named her baby boy George but 6 weeks later at registration she named him Harry. Nobody thinks of him as George!

Hadron21 Wed 20-Jan-16 09:13:37

I think it's a lovely name. Don't make any decisions just yet. Even if you register him and change his name to his middle name later then people get used to it.

SoupDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 09:14:40

but really I just want a name we both love

ThenSmauel is unfortunately off the table as your DH doesn't love it. You would need to come up with s completely different name.

I done see anything wrong with Huw at all - I think it is well known enough that it isn't going to cause any kind of problems.

I do have friends whochanged their baby's name at a few days old. It wasn't a problem and I didn't think it was odd.

Plateofcrumbs Wed 20-Jan-16 09:17:25

I think Huw is a lovely name, you've got a good reason for having the Welsh variant and I think it will be nice for your DS growing up to have a name with meaning connected to his family. I also think Huw is much nicer than Hugh.

Samuel's a nice name too but I say stick with Huw, it is really lovely!

If you've got a tricksy surname he's always going to have to spell out his name, so not much extra effort to spell first name too.

Also I think one syllable names work well with long multi-syllable surnames.

I vote Huw! grin

bittapitta Wed 20-Jan-16 09:18:33

Why would he have to explain Huw? It's a known variant of the name in the UK. He'll have to spell it perhaps but that's true with a surprising number of names. Samuel as a middle name? I assume you haven't registered the birth yet so still time to decide.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Wed 20-Jan-16 09:21:27

I had a friend who announced the name and then changed it a week later. No one bothered. Of your choices I much prefer Huw though and feel sorry if you change to a name your DH doesn't care for.

As an aside, would it bother you that he'd hardly ever be known as Samuel? Surely people would all shorten his name to Sam.

WellTidy Wed 20-Jan-16 09:22:04

I love Huw. But I am Welsh, and there are far more Huws than Hughs where I come from (even though, confusingly, a popular surname is Hughes!). And I just love the news at 10 newsreader of the same name, so I am biased towards the name.

I would stick with Huw. There will be loads of Samuels (not that I think you can have Samuel because your DH doesn't like it, and you should choose a name you both like). There will be few Huws.

Diggum Wed 20-Jan-16 09:23:17

Another vote for Huw!

Helmetbymidnight Wed 20-Jan-16 09:25:03

Huw is fine - and Huwie for a little boy/baby is cute, no.

Huw with a long complicated surname really works I should think.

FilthyRascal Wed 20-Jan-16 09:25:35

If you don't love it op I'd change it - I wanted to change ds name at 6 weeks (post registration) and didn't and I've always half regretted it. However - I did get to choose ds2 name as dh got ds1 grin

blaeberry Wed 20-Jan-16 09:32:03

I prefer Samuel but that isn't really the point. I wasn't sure about my ds name and it did take him a few weeks to grow into it (or for me to get used to it) so that may still happen with Huw. It doesn't sound like Samuel is a goer though if your dh doesn't like it (apart from as a middle name). Are there any others you could both like?

Babynamedilemmahmm Wed 20-Jan-16 09:45:22

Maybe I'll stick with Huw, I think I've been over thinking it in my sleep deprived haze! (I think 4 hours in last 48 hours, thanks post natal ward!) smile
We've already agreed on middle name after my Dad, think my Dad would be a little gutted if we changed it from that now! Huw he will stay smile

hippowithsuncreen Wed 20-Jan-16 09:48:19

I like Huw too smile

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 20-Jan-16 09:48:20

Huw is a brilliant name! Keep it!!

Akire Wed 20-Jan-16 09:58:49

Nothing wrong with Huw hardly an obsecure Welsh name nobody's ever heard of! good luck coming to an agreement on names though you have a year to chance it once it's on certificate was on another thread this week

Plateofcrumbs Wed 20-Jan-16 10:05:24

Yes I was going to say sleep on it but that's hardly the best thing to say to a mother of a 4 day old!

Congratulations and enjoy the newborn cuddles flowers

Helmetbymidnight Wed 20-Jan-16 10:15:54

Aww, and congratulations on your little one.

cedricsneer Wed 20-Jan-16 10:16:28

I love huw. Unusual, but not obscure. Solid. Congratulations on little huw.

Sophronia Wed 20-Jan-16 11:36:31

Keep Huw! It's a great name.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 20-Jan-16 11:38:51

Huw is great. Short, easy, uncomplicated, uncommon.

Lebkuchenlover Wed 20-Jan-16 11:39:02

Huw is a great name! I'd keep it.

DangerMouth Wed 20-Jan-16 11:42:22

I named dd1 but didn't really like her name (don't ask!) for about 12 months. One day l looked at her and thought she really suits her name and am very glad we didn't change it.

Dh isn't too keen on dd2 name but l love it. I've told him he'll grow to love it too grin

I like Huw btw smile

Knitella Wed 20-Jan-16 13:47:24

Huw is a lovely name - and who wants a dull name and surname combo anyway.

You could well be feeling very hormonal/emotional (I know I was big time at the same stage). So try to stop worrying about it and enjoy your new baby. You have time to think about it even if it doesn't feel that way now. I found naming my son very stressful and defo over thought it. Hoping to avoid the same thing again in the next few months!


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