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Baby is here and still no name!!

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Indecisiveness Tue 19-Jan-16 19:33:33

Please help! Our baby girl is here and we can't decide on a name!

Our list is:


Please let me have your opinions as I feel completely incapable of deciding!

Thank you!

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 19-Jan-16 19:35:12

I'm a Harriet and it's served me well, and I like being called Harry.

Felicity is gorgeous though!

Congratulations flowers - can't possibly give a difinitive answer without a pic though wink

FriendofBill Tue 19-Jan-16 19:37:23



Harriet or Helena - both lovely.

applecatchers36 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:42:02

Felicity is great, congratulations flowers

gymboywalton Tue 19-Jan-16 19:42:04

helena is so elegant, i love it
harriet is lovely too and i love hatty as a nickname
felicity has lovely associations and i think flick as a shortening is cute

i would go for helena though

TyrionLannistersShadow Tue 19-Jan-16 19:45:31

Harriet is lovely, congrats!

DoodleCat Tue 19-Jan-16 19:49:28

Harriet or Georgina were on our possibles list so I'd go with either of those :-)

We tried names out on our daughter for hours/days at a time and then chose the one that lasted. Worked for us, some names got rejected after a couple of hours.

LordOfMisrule Tue 19-Jan-16 19:52:07

Felicity! I'm 30, and it is my name. It has served me very well so far!

LordOfMisrule Tue 19-Jan-16 19:52:42

Fliss is my nickname btw, I use Felicity and Fliss interchangeably.

minipie Tue 19-Jan-16 19:54:15

I like Felicity - lovely meaning, lots of nns - and I like Georgie so Georgina as full name.

Helena is nice but issues over pronunciation (is it Helen-a or Heleyna)

Never been keen on Harriet, or Hatty - no reason, just not keen!

Allalonenow Tue 19-Jan-16 19:57:13

They are all lovely names, but Felicity is my favourite.
I have a friend Felicity, she gets Fizz as her nn.

SleepyRoo Tue 19-Jan-16 20:01:16

Georgina my fave from your list - she can choose to be either girlie or boyish.

GloriaHotcakes Tue 19-Jan-16 20:04:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CPtart Tue 19-Jan-16 20:13:54

Georgina or Helena

ashesandfire Tue 19-Jan-16 21:37:30

I love Felicity, nn Fliss/Flissy/Fizz
Followed by Helena
Follow by Georgina then Harriet but not too keen on the last two. They're a bit boring IMO (I know several of each although admittedly teens)

Sophronia Tue 19-Jan-16 22:52:59

Harriet or Georgina!

woopywoo Wed 20-Jan-16 10:27:28

I have Hattie and Felicity (Fliss) ! Both gorgeous names!

Indecisiveness Wed 20-Jan-16 10:27:37

Thank you everyone! We will try out each name for a few hours and see if that helps. The front runner is probably Helena. We would then go for either Helena Alexandra or Helena Felicity. What do you think of these combinations?!

Sunshine511 Wed 20-Jan-16 11:13:20

I LOVE the name Alexandra but I don't think it works to well since Helena finishes with 'a', if that makes sense. So my vote is for Helena Felicity.x

spring1bee Wed 20-Jan-16 13:26:51

love love love Helena and think Lenny is a really cute nn! Or if you're pronouncing it Hel-ay-nah then Laney is a nice nn also smile definitely my favourite from your list.

AuntGertrude Wed 20-Jan-16 13:36:08

Helena or Felicity

WannaBeAMummy16 Wed 20-Jan-16 17:15:16

Felicity is pretty

FarrowandBallAche Thu 21-Jan-16 19:14:55

Fabulous name for every age.

Lizziedripping1 Thu 21-Jan-16 22:55:15

Helena or Felicity but I think I like Helena Felicity best

Harriet is okay but immediately conjours up images of snotty nosed, public school bullies in books for girls

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