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Sofia or Emilia?

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XTrefdsaX Mon 18-Jan-16 19:40:57

MN will be Rose (popular but mum's name)

Theresomethingaboutdairy Mon 18-Jan-16 22:12:13

Prefer Sofia. Sofia Rose is beautiful.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 18-Jan-16 22:19:49


ashesandfire Mon 18-Jan-16 22:22:06

Sofia although I slightly prefer Sophia spelling

ElizabethG81 Mon 18-Jan-16 22:25:09


sofiahelins Mon 18-Jan-16 22:27:20

Sofia! wink

hownottofuckup Mon 18-Jan-16 22:30:15

Emilia, partly because Sofia always makes me think of Sofia the First which puts my teeth on edge.
That, and I just think Emilia is nicer.

Sophronia Tue 19-Jan-16 00:21:36

Sofia, but prefer Sophia

PinkFairy22 Tue 19-Jan-16 09:40:14

Definitely Emilia - absolutely gorgeous!
Sofia also nice, but not as lovely IMO

Gobbolino6 Tue 19-Jan-16 09:42:03

I like Emilia. I don't like Sofia but do like Sophia.

fredericofoofoo Tue 19-Jan-16 09:54:55

Love Emilia but a bit biased as I know a lovely 3 year old with that name.

Much prefer Sophia to Sofia though.

catlover91 Wed 20-Jan-16 22:44:56

Bias on this as these are my twin girls names grin I think both are equally beautiful and both go lovely with rose. The Sofia spelling is Italian you should definitely keep it, makes the name more unique. DH and I called Sofia Sofie but seem to stick with Emilia's full name so depends if you want them to have a NN but I'm sure you could think of one for your own Emilia just depends if you care about her name being shortened. Be sure to let us know if you decide xx

WannaBeAMummy16 Thu 21-Jan-16 07:36:17

Are you pronouncing Sofia as sof-ee-uh not sow-fee-uh?

WannaBeAMummy16 Thu 21-Jan-16 07:37:02

Sofia and Sophia are different names.

EdithWeston Thu 21-Jan-16 07:50:22

I'd go with Sofia (which is also the Eastern European spelling and frequently encountered round here).

Would you be pronouncing Emilia as Emilia (Emily+a) or changing the first vowel to make it sound like Amelia? If the latter, then I'd spell it Amelia.

tuilamum Thu 21-Jan-16 10:53:23

I prefer Emilia myself and I think Emilia Rose is less frequently used than Sofia Rose if that matters to you
But both names are lovely smile

Lebkuchenlover Thu 21-Jan-16 13:37:58

Both very popular but Emilia/Emily/Amelia/Amelie are just too overused imo. So I'd go with Sofia.

Jw35 Thu 21-Jan-16 13:43:34


SerenaVanDerWoodsen Thu 21-Jan-16 14:49:47

I prefer Sophia, spelt that way. I would use Emilia with caution, as I know 2 and EVERYONE always presumes their name is Amelia as they sound so similar. Also, she will have to spell out those names a lot to avoid ending up being recorded as Sophia or Amelia.

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