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Vixxfacee Mon 18-Jan-16 18:01:35

Towie haters look away.

Sam Faiers has named her baby Paul Tony after his dad. What do we think?

I personally think it is very bad.

srslylikeomg Mon 18-Jan-16 18:10:25

I thi k Paul is a perfectly reasonable, biblical name. But... Yeah Paul Tony sounds odd to me. Very retro 1960s? and have an unfortunate mental image of Swiss Tony!

Sophronia Mon 18-Jan-16 19:09:01

I like Paul. I'd prefer Paul Anthony to Paul Tony.

FatRun Mon 18-Jan-16 19:10:33

Paul Tony is an odd combination, agree Anthony would be better.

Goingtobeawesome Mon 18-Jan-16 19:11:27

Why is it bad?

He is named after his dad and his uncle. I think the sentiment is nice.

Copperkettle Mon 18-Jan-16 19:12:10

I don't like the Ning a baby after its dad thing.
I would prefer Paul Anthony or even better Anthony Paul.

Copperkettle Mon 18-Jan-16 19:12:35

Naming a baby not Ning!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:13:00

Ive always liked Paul. Thumbs up from me.

ShhhBeQuiet Mon 18-Jan-16 19:13:24

I like it. I think Paul is a cool name.

Pipestheghost Mon 18-Jan-16 19:15:04

Nothing wrong with Paul, it's nice she's named him after her dad.

Shinyshoes2 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:17:58

I wouldn't go for Paul. Not my taste but nice she's named him after her father

BackforGood Mon 18-Jan-16 19:20:36

Paul is a nice name.
IMO, giving your dc the same name as either of it's parents is daft.
So it depends which question you are asking.

WaitrosePigeon Mon 18-Jan-16 19:21:48

It's grim for me. Utterly grim.

TheCatsMeow Mon 18-Jan-16 19:21:58

Nothing wrong with Paul it's better than the crappy names celebs usually go with (Saint West? Apple?)

WaitrosePigeon Mon 18-Jan-16 19:22:38

Paul Tony doesn't even sound right. Tony is a nickname. Paul Anthony is marginally better but still grim.

Vixxfacee Mon 18-Jan-16 19:28:23

I really like saint. I don't think it's that out there!

TheCatsMeow Mon 18-Jan-16 19:33:06

To me it's like being called Duke or King, it sounds a bit strange.

But I want to call my next DS Bruce which loads of people are horrified by grin

Goingtobeawesome Mon 18-Jan-16 19:44:05

I think it is Paul after the Baby's dad, not the mums dad.

srslylikeomg Mon 18-Jan-16 19:45:28

I really like the name Bruce!

iciclewinter Mon 18-Jan-16 20:29:37

I didn't like the name Paul for years but recently I think it would probably sound fresher again so is due a comeback. I agree that Paul Anthony flows better than Paul Tony.

GloriaHotcakes Mon 18-Jan-16 20:30:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vixxfacee Mon 18-Jan-16 20:31:46

I like King too blush

SoWhite Mon 18-Jan-16 20:33:04

I like it because its a real name. It's not Bryip or Stardust, so she's onto a winner in my book.

midsomermurderess Mon 18-Jan-16 20:55:39

I like the name Paul very much. It's a classic, ageless name and a refreshing change from the Milos, Archies and Berties that abound. It's not uncommon for sons to be named for their fathers either so I don't get the sneering over that.

DontKillMyVibe Mon 18-Jan-16 21:00:49

Surely it would get confusing living in a house where two people at the same name? How would they know which one you were calling? I personally think it's a bit narcissistic naming your child after yourself. Ok as a middle name at a push but sharing christain names is a bit OTT in my opinion.

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