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Is Ivy Fern too much?

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CJ1505 Sat 16-Jan-16 19:48:37


crumblybiscuits Sat 16-Jan-16 19:57:53

A bit too full on nature for me.

lapsedorienteerer Sat 16-Jan-16 19:58:24

Hmmm, yes

ooerrmissus Sat 16-Jan-16 20:00:14


Botchit Sat 16-Jan-16 20:00:18

Yes. Sounds odd.

Miloarmadillo1 Sat 16-Jan-16 20:02:02


DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Sat 16-Jan-16 20:02:43


SoWhite Sat 16-Jan-16 20:04:17

Yeah, too much. Love Fern thought. Like the Fearne spelling better.

pictish Sat 16-Jan-16 20:07:26


pictish Sat 16-Jan-16 20:08:09

Both are nice, but not together. I know an Ivy-Rose - which I think works better.

lornathewizzard Sat 16-Jan-16 20:09:04

I don't like Fern, and definitely not together.

SakuraSakura Sat 16-Jan-16 20:13:17

Just ferne is lovely IMO.

mrsschu Sat 16-Jan-16 20:17:07


ThursdayLastWeek Sat 16-Jan-16 20:19:22

I like both, but not together

happystory Sat 16-Jan-16 20:19:49


CJ1505 Sat 16-Jan-16 20:20:14

Is Ivy or Fern nicer?

happystory Sat 16-Jan-16 20:28:04

Fern, I immediately think of Fern Cotton. Ivy so unusual these days and my great grandma's name so am not unbiased!

happystory Sat 16-Jan-16 20:28:32

She maybe Ferne?

GracieGraives Sat 16-Jan-16 20:35:28

I would say ivy.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 16-Jan-16 20:40:05

Yes it's too botanical. Plus the names together don't even match. They're Lovely names in their own right but best kept separate.
I think I'd say Ivy is the prettiest

iciclewinter Sat 16-Jan-16 20:55:04

Ivy is a lovely name.

I don't like Fern.

timelytess Sat 16-Jan-16 20:59:46

Ivy Leaf?
Leafy Fern?

villainousbroodmare Sat 16-Jan-16 21:28:05

Too much. I prefer Fern.

mumofason Sat 16-Jan-16 21:56:10

Too much. I love Ivy though.

squoosh Sun 17-Jan-16 03:58:34

It's absolutely fine assuming Fern is a middle name and day to day she'll just be Ivy?

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