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Bailey for a girl?

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ClaireeeJ15 Sat 16-Jan-16 10:38:42

Opinions? Middle name would be Olivia - Bailey Olivia Jones... Maybe Baylie, if Bailey is too masculine?

Vixxfacee Sat 16-Jan-16 10:40:03

Bailey is very 1999 to me. Olivia Bailey is cute.

ClaireeeJ15 Sat 16-Jan-16 10:41:54

Yeah, if everyone hates it - she would be Olivia Bailey (Baylie)!

nextusername Sat 16-Jan-16 10:45:05

I prefer Olivia as first name.

Bailey reminds me of Bill Bailey and I'm not keen on surnames as first names.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 16-Jan-16 10:46:19

Really dislike Bailey, sorry.

flickyhair21 Sat 16-Jan-16 10:54:08

I like it.
DNiece is Bailey and will be 8 this spring.

justonemorethread Sat 16-Jan-16 10:56:37

I know a lovely 9 yr old bailey never thought of her name being odd

Zhabr Sat 16-Jan-16 11:05:30

Old Bailey will be my first association.

Sofiria Sat 16-Jan-16 11:48:35

I know of several boys under the age of 8 called Bailey/Bayley. It's too surnamey for my tastes. Olivia is lovely, though. I much prefer Olivia Bailey to Bailey Olivia, and prefer the Bailey spelling to other variants.

Doublebubblebubble Sat 16-Jan-16 11:57:04

It's common where I am (outskirts of London) I know 4! 3 boys 1 girl x I like it though x

Kcat78 Sat 16-Jan-16 11:58:28

Really like Bailey and immediate thought is female rather than male. I had a hamster called Bailey as a child - she was very pretty! smile

SoWhite Sat 16-Jan-16 13:05:34

I don't like it, to me it goes in a category with Chardonnay, Chanel and other drink or brand names!

ClaireeeJ15 Sat 16-Jan-16 14:00:21

Thanks smile yeah, not sure on it now sad I think her first name will be Olivia and we will consider Bailey for the middle - we will probably pick a different spelling...

UmbongoUnchained Sat 16-Jan-16 14:04:38

I went to school with a Baileigh. I like it.

temporarilyjerry Sat 16-Jan-16 17:43:20

This is really not to my taste but I taught one several years ago who used the spelling Bayleigh. This would be my preferred spelling.

ClaireeeJ15 Sat 16-Jan-16 17:54:32

I really like the Bayleigh spelling

mrsschu Sat 16-Jan-16 20:48:52

Absolutely dreadful. For a boy or a girl. Reminds me of that 90's American TV show Party of Five. Olivia is far better.

imwithspud Sat 16-Jan-16 21:04:49

I quite like it. I don't like the 'Bayleigh' spelling of it though. Much prefer Bailey/Bayley.

pilates Mon 18-Jan-16 08:39:39

Olivia is ten times better.
Baylie, Bailey, Bayleigh are awful.

PaulAnkaTheDog Mon 18-Jan-16 10:15:36

Don't start messing with the spelling.

LemonBreeland Mon 18-Jan-16 10:18:06

Bailey is not great. Start messing with the spelling then it becomes even worse. Olivia is a lovely name.

RidersOnTheStorm Mon 18-Jan-16 10:18:40

Dreadful, especially if misspelled.

GruntledOne Mon 18-Jan-16 10:45:08

Bayleigh is truly awful. Echoes of things like Kayleigh, Kyleigh etc. Stick with Olivia Bailey.

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 18-Jan-16 22:45:39

I quite like Bailey. Olivia is pretty but I'd definetly choose Bailey over Olivia.

Wolfiefan Mon 18-Jan-16 22:50:05

Olivia is nice. Why choose a youneek spelling for Bailey?!

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