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Hendrix - cool or am I hormonal?

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Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:26:11

My partner and I have been batting names back and forth for aaaages and tonight have come up with Hendrix for a boy. Rex for short and T-Rex just to be super cool.


Wolfiefan Sun 10-Jan-16 22:27:33

Are you on drugs?

Hassled Sun 10-Jan-16 22:28:16

It's the glue talking. You'll feel better in the morning.

Coconutty Sun 10-Jan-16 22:28:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sun 10-Jan-16 22:29:07

I love it.


IoraRua Sun 10-Jan-16 22:29:24

T-Rex....only if you bring him to Asda op!

HeffalumpTrap Sun 10-Jan-16 22:29:25

I'd think you'd been on the Hendricks... But as I always say if you and the father are in love with it then there are worse names you could choose.

SwedishEdith Sun 10-Jan-16 22:29:37


PinkSquash Sun 10-Jan-16 22:30:02

I know a Hendrix. It's not a name I choose, it sounds too harsh.

Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:30:49

Hahaha! Thanks guys. I won't tell my partner - it'll break his heart.

Hendrix as in Jimmy, not the Gin! smile

We live in a farming community - small town Scotland. He'll be going to school with Alec's and Jimmys! Would def stand out!

SwedishEdith Sun 10-Jan-16 22:31:50

Won't he be called Hen?

SixtyFootDoll Sun 10-Jan-16 22:32:44


Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:33:44

Swedish - I guess you could but Rex is much cooler than Hen.. smile

Hassled Sun 10-Jan-16 22:35:03

Actually it's growing on me. It is cool, dammit.

MaisieDotes Sun 10-Jan-16 22:36:15

Why not just call him Rex?

Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:36:34

I bloody knew it was cool Hassled! grin

Ludways Sun 10-Jan-16 22:37:00

I like it and I normally hate non traditional names.

However, if you're saying Hendrix as in the musician you should actually learn it is Jimi Hendrix and not Jimmy, that'd definitely be uncool, lol

grubbyslippers Sun 10-Jan-16 22:40:10

Love Hendrix, Hen or Rix for short - good choice!

Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:41:04

It's my partner that likes him Ludways - he knows how to spell it so we are all good. smile

I like a longer name that can be shortened Maisie. And also like names with an X in. Maybe that's the hormones too. Plus I just think it's really cool!

banff82 Sun 10-Jan-16 22:45:21

Definitely hormonal! Wouldn't it be Rix rather than Rex anyway? How do you get Rex from Hendrix? Although as you're in Scotland it's more likely to be 'y'awright Hen?' grin

SwedishEdith Sun 10-Jan-16 22:46:49

Well, quite re Scotland and Hen. Why not just go for Jimi?

Georgeofthejungle Sun 10-Jan-16 22:50:49

Don't like Jimi Swedish. Plus we have a chicken called Jimmy (named after an old man that used to live in our house before we bought it).

Well Rex is from Rix which is from Hendrix. So a distant relation but just think Rex is cooler than Rix.

And let's not forget T-REX?! Hello!? Super cool. grin

Provencalroseparadox Sun 10-Jan-16 22:52:01

I like it a lot.

Shizzy Sun 10-Jan-16 22:55:29

I like it.

zippyswife Sun 10-Jan-16 22:58:23

I love it. But I can't imagine any child of mine being cool
Enough to pull it off.

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