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Anglo/Indian (Hindu) Baby boy names help please!!

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camembertlovernomore Fri 08-Jan-16 14:50:55

I am white British and my DH is Indian Hindu - we are due our little one end of March and have tons of girls names which are a good hybrid of both cultures but none for boys! Anyone got any ideas? I quite like Kiran but I know a girl I work with who is called that so it's put me off a bit! Im not a huge fan of Raj or Vikram's and would ideally like a nice Indian name which can be easy to pronounce and doesn't sound too Indian if you know what I mean! I am 31 weeks pregnant so need to get a wiggle on a bit now TIA

PicnicPie Fri 08-Jan-16 15:37:54

I have two sets of Hindu friends. First couple have a little boy called Jaidev. Pronounced Jay-dev. Nn. Jay.
And the other couple have a little boy called Aryan. Pronounced ar-ee-an.
Both lovely names.

ChipsandGuac Fri 08-Jan-16 15:39:31

DS has a friend called Vikas which I always think is a cute name.

spaceyboo Fri 08-Jan-16 16:45:43

Kamran (boy or girl)
Ava (girl)
Avi (boy)

Trick is to get a name kids won't spoil by getting a western nickname. Nothings worse that giving your kid a greatly researched name that nobody can pronouce, so they end up calling themselves Bob etc. Not that there's anything wrong with Bob lol.

spaceyboo Fri 08-Jan-16 16:46:06


MackerelOfFact Fri 08-Jan-16 17:06:03

I know a Neel, a Dillan and an Arun all of which I think well in both cultures.

Jay works too.

Doublebubblebubble Fri 08-Jan-16 17:08:04

I know a beautiful little boy called Ash his parent are BBI x

Jessbow Fri 08-Jan-16 17:15:43


Jessbow Fri 08-Jan-16 17:18:45



( I googled Hindu boys names, some nice ones)

Jessbow Fri 08-Jan-16 17:20:25

What about Kamran?

Manas is nice for a boy.

Fishlegs Fri 08-Jan-16 17:26:33

My friend's boys are called Nayan and Arjun, which I think are lovely names.

CormoranStrike Fri 08-Jan-16 21:52:00

Harun, known as Harry.

Machine123 Fri 08-Jan-16 22:00:12


hollieberrie Fri 08-Jan-16 22:07:37

Aaran / Arun
Ash i agree is very cute

hollieberrie Fri 08-Jan-16 22:08:58

Harrison (Harri / Hari)

hollieberrie Fri 08-Jan-16 22:10:13

And Rohan, I keep remembering more (teacher).

Jeffjefftyjeff Fri 08-Jan-16 22:12:24

I also know female kirans!

Rohan (v Lord of the rings)
Hari (bit like Welsh spelling of Harry)
Ashwin shorten to ash
Sunandan shorten to sunny
I also like Ravi, not particularly Anglo just like it!

aoife24 Fri 08-Jan-16 22:32:31

Hari/.Harry (a bit unimaginitive) Rahul a bit like Raoul.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 08-Jan-16 23:06:04

Samir? Sam or sammy for short


MumsKnitter Fri 08-Jan-16 23:31:42

I dated someone with the the same background as your child and his parents had fused 'Anil' and Neil' to make 'Aneil'. He was Neil at uni, but Aneil at home. If you don't like that particular combination, are there any other similar names you could combine?

camembertlovernomore Sat 09-Jan-16 09:25:12

Thank you for all the great suggestions Love Ashwin, Arun and Samir will speak to DH and see what he thinks. Thank you all for you help smile

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