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Middle name for...

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Noodle1234 Tue 05-Jan-16 20:12:55


What middle name would you choose? smile

LumelaMme Tue 05-Jan-16 20:23:23

Emma. Amy. Something in the top 10 or 20, to give her an option when she grows up if she wants to fade into the background.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 05-Jan-16 20:55:46

Seraphina Elizabeth
Seraphina Leigh
Seraphina Belle
Seraphina Grace
Seraphina Poppy
Seraphina Juliette
Seraphina Violet
Seraphina Gabrielle
Seraphina Monet
Seraphina Lily

GoldPlatedBacon Tue 05-Jan-16 21:35:28

Seraphina June
Seraphina Ellen
Seraphina Mary

Sophronia Tue 05-Jan-16 23:47:25

Seraphina Alice
Seraphina Lucy
Seraphina Jane
Seraphina Claire
Seraphina Iris
Seraphina Simone
Seraphina Ivy

CustardLover Tue 05-Jan-16 23:51:20

Marie. Goes with everything.

Noodle1234 Thu 07-Jan-16 18:13:43

Thank you, some of your suggestions are lovely.

LumelaMme - why would you be so unnecessarily negative and intentionally hurtful? If Seraphina isn't your cup of tea then don't feel obliged to comment. I wasn't asking for commentary on the name, just looking for middle name inspiration.

RJnomore1 Thu 07-Jan-16 18:18:38

I don't think she meant it that way noodle. It's a beautiful and unusual name.

Peyia Thu 07-Jan-16 18:20:22

Noodle take no notice! It's a beautiful name as you know. I love the meaning and if she really wanted to be usual in her younger years she can be referred to as Sera and embrace the beauty of her name when she is older and confident in herself. Unless of course she is born with that confidence.

I have a beautiful french name that I welcomed being shorten to Jan when I was younger. How boring!! No offence to Jan's out there. I never introduce myself as Jan know and glad my mum chose such a rare name.

LumelaMme Thu 07-Jan-16 20:35:33

Sorry, Noodle, I certainly didn't mean to hurt your feelings. blush

All I was saying was, if you give a child a very unusual name, they might hate it and want to have a more 'normal' (possibly even quite dull) name as an alternative. My DC have unusual names, but either the name has a short version which is unexceptional, or they have a middle name which gives them choice of not having everyone say, 'Oh, I've never come across that before! How do you spell that....'

(One of mine has ditched the 'weird' name for now. That's fine by me. Another one positively revels in hers.)

SoWhite Thu 07-Jan-16 21:14:04

Seraphina has the option of Sera, or Sara. Do not worry OP. It is a gorgeous choice.

SerenityReynolds Thu 07-Jan-16 21:29:42


SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 07-Jan-16 21:40:38

I know a Seraphina - she's Serry for short.

No idea what her middle name is though helpful

tuilamum Fri 08-Jan-16 12:06:06

Grace is what I would choose
Others I can think of would be
Rose (goes with everything)

cosmicglittergirl Fri 08-Jan-16 14:37:37


Atnelpoe Fri 08-Jan-16 20:52:48

My Seraphina is Fina or sometimes Feenie for short, but mostly just Seraphina. Her middle name is particularly mainstream either...

I wanted Seraphina Clare, and DH wanted Seraphina Juno doesn't work so she has something entirely different!

missmargot Fri 08-Jan-16 21:17:19

How many syllables is your surname? If it's fairly long you'd probably want a shorter middle name.

How about:
Seraphina Grace
Seraphina Rose
Seraphina Faith
Seraphina Belle
Seraphina Joy
Seraphina Eve
Seraphina Mae

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