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Where to get inspiration?

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mackinnonka Tue 05-Jan-16 15:53:45

Having issues with picking names, there are a few I like that DH doesn't like and vice versa. We are running through the 'top 100' lists of everything and barely being able to pick one we liken ever mind agree on it!

Where are you getting your inspiration from? I've been browsing online but its all popular name lists and I really don't want to go with names just because they are what other people are choosing :S

RedToothBrush Tue 05-Jan-16 16:23:28

Go through the 2014 full list of ONS baby names for England and Wales then.

Sunshine511 Tue 05-Jan-16 16:25:01

Maybe try a baby name book! I recently bought one with 8000 baby names in it. That way, all the names are in one place with meanings etc.x

Sylviecat Tue 05-Jan-16 19:12:47

Sounds morbid but how about having a walk through an old graveyard? You might get ideas for more unusual old fashioned names.

babyblabber Tue 05-Jan-16 19:50:37

Can't believe no one has said movie/tv!!!

Both the characters you're watching but also the credits!

SoWhite Tue 05-Jan-16 19:52:19

Graveyards are fantastic for baby names.

Also watch a shitload of films and listen to minor characters, and read the full cast and crew.

Go through the full company directory.

Go though a bunch of really old threads.

Play 'Wikipedia name diving'. Start on the page of a famous person you like, and only click on linked names to take you from page to page. Read about their families and colleagues etc along the way.

Sophronia Wed 06-Jan-16 00:29:02

Try you can enter up to six names and it will suggest new names based on those.

3luckystars Wed 06-Jan-16 01:03:42

Credits on tv programmes and films, you will see loads there.
Also, do you have a favourite character in a film or book. Make a list of 10 names each and see if the same name appears on both your lists.

mackinnonka Wed 06-Jan-16 22:14:53

Thanks will give all these suggestions a go! Hopefully find something just right smile

Zhabr Fri 08-Jan-16 14:07:33

Just a thought-maps can be very good sources for the baby names.

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