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themumfairy Wed 30-Dec-15 17:57:25

Sorry me again. So I've had a very productive day of sorting out MY shortlist. Dps may be different but he did say it's my turn to choose smile
Middle and last name are Louise Bennett.


She's due in 5 weeks (early feb) and is so far nameless. I know I might change my mind when she's here but I'd like to have a name ready for her. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions welcome based on what I have already.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:58:52

Francesca without doubt.

GoldPlatedBacon Wed 30-Dec-15 18:09:23

Francesca is one of my all time favourites so I will nearly always choose that!

sidsgranny Wed 30-Dec-15 18:11:41

They're all lovely names but I think my favourite is Eden, followed by Francesca.

chuckieegg2008 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:49:58

Abigail smile

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 30-Dec-15 18:53:38


IoraRua Wed 30-Dec-15 19:07:42

Definitely not Ella.

I like Francesca, followed by Abigail.

Junosmum Wed 30-Dec-15 19:10:42


ashesandfire Wed 30-Dec-15 20:11:58

Francesca followed by Abigail

DontKillMyVibe Wed 30-Dec-15 20:14:49

Francesca. Really don't like Eden, sorry. Ella is nice but v v popular and overused. Abigail is OK and would be my second choice from your list.

AuntieStella Wed 30-Dec-15 20:15:39


Georgeofthejungle Wed 30-Dec-15 20:18:49

Abigail is top of our list! Francesca is lovely. smile I suggested that one but DH said no sad

Snowball789 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:20:20

Francesca sounds best with the middle and last names but are you okay with nn Frankie, Fran, Cheska etc?

Sophronia Wed 30-Dec-15 23:37:19


magpie17 Wed 30-Dec-15 23:39:05

Abigail 100%

spring1bee Wed 30-Dec-15 23:43:44

Eden. It's in my top 3 but unfortunately DH isn't a fan.

omri Wed 30-Dec-15 23:55:54

Francesca. I wanted it for my own dd but couldn't (for a couple of reasons). I called her Alexandra (Alex) for short but still think she would have made a great Francesca (frankie for short).

LaceyLee Wed 30-Dec-15 23:57:37

Francesca definitely

Allalonenow Thu 31-Dec-15 00:02:25


I know a Francesca with nn Cici, which I think is very pretty.

Not Eden or Ella.

Sofiria Thu 31-Dec-15 00:25:59

Francesca! I love it.

Abigail is nice too but I wouldn't pair it with Louise because of the /l/ sounds running into each other.

manicinsomniac Thu 31-Dec-15 01:20:20

All lovely.

Ella is my least favourite.

Struggling to decide between the other three. Francesca I think. But I love all three.

CakeRattleandRoll Thu 31-Dec-15 06:58:24

Abigail or Francesca.

xmasseason Thu 31-Dec-15 12:31:25


SilverOldie2 Thu 31-Dec-15 16:18:09

Francesca is numero uno.

ExBallerina Thu 31-Dec-15 16:22:48


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