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What are your opinions on Madeleine Roxanna?

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NauticalNat Tue 29-Dec-15 23:15:23

We have almost decided on Madeleine Roxanna, but is too much? She would be a Maddy and I know there's loads, but there isn't any around where I live! LN is Stevens smile

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Tue 29-Dec-15 23:16:28

Not keen on roxanna at all but Madeleine is lovely.

NauticalNat Tue 29-Dec-15 23:19:06

Is Madeleine Rosanna better? I think I might prefer that!

DramaAlpaca Tue 29-Dec-15 23:19:57

Madeleine Rosanna is lovely.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Tue 29-Dec-15 23:20:56

Rosanna is much nicer!

Bellyrub1980 Tue 29-Dec-15 23:21:47

I love Madeleine Rosanna!

Roxanna, however, seems too modern for Madeleine.

Yika Tue 29-Dec-15 23:21:53

I prefer Roxane to Roxanna. Rosanna is lovely, so is Madeleine.

NauticalNat Tue 29-Dec-15 23:24:10

We did also think about Gabriella Roxanne/Rosanne, but think Madeleine Rosanna is probably going to win now smile

EffieIsATrinket Tue 29-Dec-15 23:25:43

I think Madeleine needs a short mn personally.

Madeleine Rose
Madeleine Joy
Madeleine Kate
Madeleine Ruth
Madeleine Eve
Madeleine Jane

NauticalNat Tue 29-Dec-15 23:27:41

Yes, that was my worry, I do love Rose and Kate smile I just thought it would be nice to have something a bit different in the middle

Bellyrub1980 Tue 29-Dec-15 23:29:43

I think depends on the surname, if you have a single syllable surname Rosanna could work

NauticalNat Tue 29-Dec-15 23:30:21

LN is Stevens

EffieIsATrinket Tue 29-Dec-15 23:32:05

I love both Madeleine & Rosanna. And I wouldn't say they didn't go. You have a good uncumbersome surname so could probably get away with it.

(My family surname is long with loads of syllables and 'n's so all the Anna/Hannah names were ruled out along with any that were too long so probably projecting a bit!)

Sophronia Wed 30-Dec-15 00:29:47

Madeleine Rosanna is lovely. I much prefer Rosanna to Roxanna.

VocationalGoat Wed 30-Dec-15 00:33:10

It's just too much. Way too strong. Roxanna on it's own is fine but it just doesn't work with Madeleine, which is also a beautiful name.

HolgerDanske Wed 30-Dec-15 00:34:23

I don't like Roxanna at all, Roseanna is much nicer.

trinitybleu Wed 30-Dec-15 00:37:19

Roseanna by a country mile

Pandora97 Wed 30-Dec-15 08:55:45

Madeleine Rosanna is very pretty and romantic sounding.

ashesandfire Wed 30-Dec-15 10:06:03

Roxanna is a no for my but Madeleine Rosanna is gorgeous!! They are two of my favourite names.

mrsschu Wed 30-Dec-15 10:08:15

It does sound a bit much but it doesn't really matter as it's a middle name so will probably rarely, if ever, be used. I love Rosanna, I'd actually use it instead of Madeleine as a first name (sorry I know that's not what you asked!).

DontKillMyVibe Wed 30-Dec-15 10:28:02

Really don't like Roxanna - think Rosanna is much better

pilates Wed 30-Dec-15 11:26:32

Madeleine Rosanna is very nice.

Dislike Roxanna, sounds harsh.

exWifebeginsat40 Wed 30-Dec-15 11:43:56

I am a Madeleine and have a four syllable middle name. my name doesn't fit on forms and is a proper mouthful. go for a short middle name! Rose is beautiful.

also be prepared that nobody will spell Madeleine correctly, ever. I have actually had people tell me I have the spelling wrong. additionally, I am MadelAINE out loud and again, people insist I am saying it wrong and call me MadelINN. which is frustrating.

that said, I love my name and there aren't many of us so go for it!

SevenOfNineTrue Wed 30-Dec-15 11:44:39

Madeleine Rosanna is lovely.

I agree.

brackengirl Wed 30-Dec-15 12:22:30

One of my daughters has Rosanna as a first name, the other has Madeleine as a middle name- I think they are fantastic choices!

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