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Opinions on Angelica?

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DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 14:26:58

Angelica Haven?

Queenbean Tue 29-Dec-15 14:33:41

Angelica is lovely, it sounds a bit rude with the middle name though: "do you want to see my angelica haven?"

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 14:42:26


Chewbecca Tue 29-Dec-15 14:43:44

I agree, Angelica Haven sounds like a euphemism.

Angelica is nice.

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 14:45:14

Is Angelica Heaven better then?

Yarpyarp Tue 29-Dec-15 14:46:44

Angelica is nice. Not keen on it with Haven though. (I don't dislike Haven but just not those two together)

Maryz Tue 29-Dec-15 14:49:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 14:50:13

Haven Angelica?

LaurieFairyCake Tue 29-Dec-15 14:54:24

I think of sugary gelatine cake topping and not a girls name

Sophronia Tue 29-Dec-15 16:07:00

I prefer Angela

magpie17 Tue 29-Dec-15 16:21:41

I quite like Angelica and I'm not usually one for unusual names. Haven though? Is it a family name? Because if not then I wouldn't choose it...

SpecialistSnowflake Tue 29-Dec-15 16:23:37

I'd leave Haven out altogether, or you run the risk that she'll be a magnet for the 'And have you got a shaven...?' 'wags' when she gets older.

Angelica is nice. Ruth (Model Recommends) from YouTube has a baby Angelica, very cute.

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 16:26:47

Well, unfortunately she won't be getting any older...

xmasseason Tue 29-Dec-15 18:12:01

Angelica is a bit jellyish. I prefer Angela.

ExBallerina Tue 29-Dec-15 18:14:07

Angelica is beautiful.

She won't be getting older?

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 18:30:34

Intrauterine Death... I just want something that's meaningful... I'm fed up of family and friends not wanting to discuss names, it's still important and she deserves a name that has a lot of thought gone into it, like my son did.

Queenbean Tue 29-Dec-15 18:32:42

Aw Vicky I'm so sorry to hear this flowers

In which case, I think haven or heaven is perfect in the name.

Idefix Tue 29-Dec-15 18:48:35

Angelica is a lovely name with or without Haven/Heaven op.
flowers for you, I think having a name is very important for you and your family.

readyforno2 Tue 29-Dec-15 18:50:26

Immediately thought of the rugrats too Maryz.. Not sure if it's still on though.

Zazedonia Tue 29-Dec-15 18:52:27

Sorry, but I really dislike both names. And if you're going to give her a flowery and unusual first name, why not give her a plainer, more ordinary middle name, so that she can choose to use that name instead if she wants to?

DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 19:02:07

Because she'll never need to pick which name she goes by/get to pick...

Queenbean Tue 29-Dec-15 19:07:31

Zazedonia hideously misjudged and disrespectful - RTFT

mrssmith79 Tue 29-Dec-15 19:15:35

hmm Zazedonia

I like Angelica Haven, how about Seren or Astrid as options? Both lovely names meaning 'star'.


DreamQueenVicky Tue 29-Dec-15 19:20:47

I like Astrid a lot! Thanks so much for that suggestion smile Astrid Faith?

Maryz Tue 29-Dec-15 19:52:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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