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Game of Thrones or Vikings.

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Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 01:57:39

Hello, hello beautiful people.

After three Children, my husband and I have always had a deal that he chooses the first three kids. And I choose (if we had any more) the rest.

So now it is my turn hehehe..*evil laugh.*
I am absolutely addicted to the "Game Of Thrones" and "Vikings". I know it's sick and twisted that I want my child to be named after a psychopath named "Floki". But that name is way too cute!

If you have any beautiful names, either boy or girl (as we don't know the gender yet), I'd take all into consideration.

My short list is -



I love double names. Like Mary-anne. (Except I don't like that name) lol.
Thanks everyone.

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 01:59:16

Whoops I mean Arya.

mathanxiety Tue 29-Dec-15 04:08:10

Rollo is the only one I like, and possibly Arya. They are names that existed before the series. Everything else is too closely associated with the series and will look soooooo oooooooold when the child is in his or her late teens.

enderwoman Tue 29-Dec-15 04:55:38

Khaleesi means Princess (which is what Katie Price's daughter is called) which is too cutesy for my liking. I like Arya more than Sansa based on how they sound and character so far in the story - are you nervous that their characters could completely change before the series is over?

I'm not familiar with Vikings but I think that Loki is s more well known name than Floki thanks to Marvel. Tyri

enderwoman Tue 29-Dec-15 05:04:45

Tyrion is a great character in the books but I'd worry that if my son was short, it would be used to tease him.

If I was going to pick a GoT name then personally I'd go for more safer alternatives like Bran, Eddard, Catelyn, Jon, Jamie, Robert, Stark but I applaud your choices except Khaleesi which isn't a name.

Peppaismyhomegirl Tue 29-Dec-15 05:14:30

I know a few tyrions in Wales.

Chchchchangeabout Tue 29-Dec-15 06:01:03

I would be wary about naming anyone from a got character until the final book is written and you get a full reveal of that character.

Out of those, I like Arya.

sashh Tue 29-Dec-15 07:19:47

If I was going for GOT I think I'd choose a character who is already dead. Oberon or Drogo or Catlyn or even Rowan.

Although with GOT dead doesn't always mean dead.

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:38:14

Thanks everyone great advice.
I do like Loki. It's cute lol!

I assume it is pronounced with a capital "O", like Floki?

Thanks again guys- And yes!!!! I really should wait till it's over haha! I'm so impulsive.

Oh and Vikings is AWESOME!

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Tue 29-Dec-15 08:39:06

What no Hodor on the list?

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:41:52

Oh whoops! Also just realised I spelled Khaleesi wrong. Very annoying we can't edit.

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:42:46

Majestic sea flap flap hehe
It sounds like Hagrid from Harry Potter

Badders123 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:50:22

Khaleesi isn't a name, it's a title. It means queen.
So it's a no from me on that one.
No to floki also. Not great connotations!
Love rollo though smile
I like arya.
I agree with previous posters, I prefer eddard (Ned), robb, tyrion, theon.

FairyFluffbum Tue 29-Dec-15 10:57:07

Whilst khaleesi isn't a name there were kids named it last year...

I like Arya....

Not keen on any of the boys..

Nataleejah Tue 29-Dec-15 16:02:23

Wrong. Go for Sons of Anarchy. Clarence, Jackson, Filip, Neron

HermioneWeasley Tue 29-Dec-15 16:07:54

I think only Arya, Sansa and Tyrion work IRL from your list.

From GoT I would add Tywin, Eddard for boys

Would you consider Arwen from LOTR?

enderwoman Tue 29-Dec-15 16:21:19

Rollo makes me think of King Rollo. Not a bad person to be named after but you might be gifted with the books when he's born wink

Junosmum Tue 29-Dec-15 17:33:54

What's wrong with Ragnar? The best of all the viking names (and the hottest, which may be clouding my judgement).

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 20:21:25

Ragnar is my in-dream Husband. gringrin
But I can't stand the name.

Mummytothree2016 Tue 29-Dec-15 20:23:01

Hermione Weasley -

Hmm . I would have to contemplate those names. smile

P.s- To the other post. I have never watched Son's of Anarchy.

I have just finished American Horror Story.
But will start watching shortly.

thenightsky Tue 29-Dec-15 20:31:23

Daenerys is nice (GoT)

nooka Tue 29-Dec-15 21:32:50

Sorry OP, I think these are all good names for pets, not children. I love good fantasy, but the names are often really quite silly.

Slightly odd deal with your husband, why would you not choose names together? Surely you both have at least veto powers?

Floki sounds like a piece of Ikea furniture!

nooka Tue 29-Dec-15 21:34:31

Why would anyone chose to call their child after Tywin Lanister? He was a complete bastard!

FairyFluffbum Tue 29-Dec-15 22:28:08

I will add one thing though...
Careful about naming a child after a program.

You may like it now but what about in 10 years

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