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What would your DC like to be called?

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Acostapurposes Tue 22-Dec-15 20:27:43

So you spend ages picking a name.

And ten years later they say its too common, or weird, or not double barreled.

My Dd wants to be called Olivia-Mae or Wednesday.

Any one else DC wants a name change? fgrin

LavenderRain Tue 22-Dec-15 21:57:58

DS, 18, has always wanted to be called Dale hmm no idea why!

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Tue 22-Dec-15 22:00:46

ds1(13) Gary
Ds2 (5) captain Florence pantyloonys- his pirate name

Mothersruin75 Tue 22-Dec-15 22:03:19

Just asked my eldest DD (7) what she'd like to be called. She thought about and decided she wants to stay as she is. Her reasons - she's the only one in school & her name is also lots of things, a flower, a pad, a pond and a frog (I'm not sure she's right on the last one!)

Not sure if she'll agree in a few more years!

dementedma Tue 22-Dec-15 22:04:44

Ds is still disappointed we didn't call him Max. He's nearly 14. Get over it!

ToastedStoat Tue 22-Dec-15 22:23:21

How weird demented we have a wannabe Max as well! He hasn't mentioned it in a while though.
Four year old insists on everyone calling him by his first and surname together. Woe betide anyone who uses his nickname from babyhood!

MissAlabamaWhitman Wed 23-Dec-15 00:02:40

My DS wants to be named Dante

Tbf it would suit him (and I like it)

jamtartandcustard Wed 23-Dec-15 02:42:08

Ds1(6) wants to be called Peter. His surname is Parker and he superhero obsessed.

Acostapurposes Wed 23-Dec-15 07:21:30

Great names!

But am intrigued mothersruin what name can be all those things?

AuntieStella Wed 23-Dec-15 07:23:44

The older ones seem OK with their names.

DD wishes she was called Hermione.

wonderpants Wed 23-Dec-15 07:34:57

Zoella (DD 11)
Stampy (DD 9)

Moved on from Disney princess names I suppose!

PollyannaWhittier Wed 23-Dec-15 08:18:16

If Mothersruin's dd is called what I think, I'm amazed she's the only one in the school - we've got three in our Brownie pack !

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Wed 23-Dec-15 08:49:54

Ds (12) wants to be bob...

lionheart Wed 23-Dec-15 08:56:54

Another Bob here. DS (10).

Acostapurposes Wed 23-Dec-15 10:15:49

Polly whats the riddle of the name?

eachtigertires Wed 23-Dec-15 12:04:11


Kitla Wed 23-Dec-15 12:06:54

My youngest wishes we'd given her the name we were originally going to use (but didn't go with our surname) Annabel Sophia.

Not sure about now, but for a long time my DD1 loved the name Margaret. She thought it was really exotic and would always use that when playing make believe games. So she would have chosen that. God knows why! She was about 8/9 at the time.

Acostapurposes Wed 23-Dec-15 12:53:51

Of course it's Lily!

smartyclogs Wed 23-Dec-15 13:31:00

Have just asked Dd (13) and she said Claire.

MrsBungle Wed 23-Dec-15 13:32:58

I've just asked dd (6) and she said Delphi confused I then asked ds (3) and he said Ruggan. I think we will be sticking with my choices.

Kim82 Wed 23-Dec-15 13:38:07

Dd aged 11 says she likes her name and wouldn't want to change it.

Dd aged 8 isn't sure. She does like her name and can't think of anything at the moment she would prefer. I have to "leave it with her" for now while she thinks about it.

GingirlBells Wed 23-Dec-15 13:41:40

DS1 and 2 are both happy with their names. DS1 has a very common name, but doesn't seem phased by all the others around with the same name. Oddly, he gets called by a shortened form by his friends and teachers, but family are only allowed to call him by his full name. DS2 won't let anyone, friends or family, shorted his and gets annoyed when we inadvertently do! DS3 wants to be called Arthur because that's his best friends name. grin

emilybrontescorset Wed 23-Dec-15 17:19:27

Dd1 Scarlett
DS Ryan
Dd2 chloe

Holidayrash Wed 23-Dec-15 19:50:37


Shesinfashion Wed 23-Dec-15 20:27:24

DD1 really loves her name.
DD2 couldn't care less either way about her name.

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