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Twin girls -we think-

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Allthatglitter5 Mon 21-Dec-15 12:00:40

A complete surprise at 41!

But since I lost my own DD I have thought about names for therapeutic reasons. Including his family's traditions.

What about
Elizabeth "Eliza" Rose
Catriona Grace

TattieHowkerz Mon 21-Dec-15 12:10:16

Congratulations thanks

Those are both lovely names!

Sirzy Mon 21-Dec-15 12:14:35

Lovely names

If Ds had been a girl he would have been Elizabeth Grace

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 21-Dec-15 12:14:56

Congratulations, what lovely news!

Sophronia Mon 21-Dec-15 12:49:49

Lovely names. Congratulations!


Yes to Elizabeth Rose but, for me, Catriona is a big no.

ExBallerina Mon 21-Dec-15 13:58:36

Congratulations! Love both.

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