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Name legally changed to nickname...

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JakeyBurd Mon 21-Dec-15 10:31:28

In this instance it's a bit unfair to the child as they're clearly not thinking ahead. But is this generally considered a bad thing? Only recently I discovered my son's friend's name wasn't his birth name at all but a nickname based on his favourite drink as a toddler. He has never been known by his birth name so deed poll might be appropriate for him.

What do others think?

InternationalHouseofToast Mon 21-Dec-15 10:37:15

I would say it is a bad thing. Having a nickname and a "proper" name means that you can swap according to the situation. Being stuck with only a nickname removes that option for you. I'm not clicking on a DM link but if the URL is correct, and this poor kid has been landed with Popcorn as a name, he's less likely to use his name in a professional setting, if he runs a business and has a new client, for example, than he would if he had a more usual first name to fall back on.

at least he'll never be asked how to spell it

Archer26 Mon 21-Dec-15 10:39:11

Though with his actual name being Diesel, he was between a rock and a hard place anyway.

MooseAndSquirrel Mon 21-Dec-15 11:09:45

DD1 is generally called moose, DD2 is generally bob or bobbins. Neither are even close to their normal classic boring names.
I couldn't imagine DD1 would get very far in interviews introducing herself as moose confused
Or either of them having to explain that their mum was an odd ball who gave them two! lovely well thought out names but changed them to a term of endearment...goodness if my mum had done that id be called chick hmm

BertrandRussell Mon 21-Dec-15 11:18:18

The parents are obviously attention seeking arseholes.

JakeyBurd Mon 21-Dec-15 12:17:31

Agree BertrandRussell, especially as the child is extremely photogenic and they've padded out the article with several pictures of him looking beautiful.

I'm wondering how this made the news, to be honest, as it hasn't actually happened yet. Did they approach the media with hand-picked photos saying "This is what we intend to do? And it's so wacky you MUST print out story and showcase our gorgeous son."

But I do find the idea interesting. If parents/children decided they preferred a nickname to the given name (and it's not completely mental) then is it really that bad a thing to do? In this case it's pretty daft; the boy I already know in RL has a nickname that actually sounds like a real name.

Moose, I think Moose and Bobbins sound brilliant! grin

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 21-Dec-15 22:53:01

He might only answer to Popcorn at 3 years old but im sure he won't be wanting to answer to it at 13. Do the parents have nothing to think with. He's not going to be 3 years old forever.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 21-Dec-15 22:55:50

Yes they are attention seeking arseholes Bert, but unfortunately it won't be them in the center of attention. It'll be their little boy and sadly it won't all be positive attention either. Poor little mite.

jamtartandcustard Wed 23-Dec-15 02:53:47

Dh calls ds2 sausage, I call him pickle. No we won't ever change his name to them. How ridiculous.
I know a few people known by their middle names and have been since birth. I always wondered if that's what you want them to be known as why not give it as a first name? I find it highly strange.

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