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Laquila Sun 20-Dec-15 09:39:11

Saw this (Elden) in the Hunger Games credits, of all places (you've got to look for inspiration wherever you can!), and really like it. If you heard of a little boy called this, would you assume it was spelt Elden or Eldon?

OddSocksHighHeels Sun 20-Dec-15 12:17:50

I've never heard of it before but it's really nice. I would assume Eldon.

SirChenjin Sun 20-Dec-15 12:20:13

I know an Eldon with an 'o'

AuntieStella Sun 20-Dec-15 12:44:31

On hearing it, I'd think it was spelt Eldon, because that's how the shopping centre is spelled. A strong association for the NE.

Laquila Sun 20-Dec-15 15:04:32

Hah that did occur to me too, AuntieStella! I checked the ONS charts for 2014 (because I love a bit of name geekery) and I think there were 3 Eldens and 5 Eldons, so I feel as though the shopping centre has had its homage - I think I'd go for the -en spelling ;)

Do you prefer Elden to Gwilym? (no particular Welsh heritage, although I may invent a passing association if we use it...)

Laquila Sun 20-Dec-15 15:04:56

SirChen - is he young or old?

Fairylea Sun 20-Dec-15 15:11:30

I like it smile

I may be wrong but I think there's an Eldon in the cbbc series "the next step".

SirChenjin Sun 20-Dec-15 15:25:00

Laquila - he's older, late sixties/early seventies. White Bahamian, quite an eccentric character grin

Laquila Sun 20-Dec-15 15:36:26

Eccentric elderly white Bahamian...SOLD!

SirChenjin Sun 20-Dec-15 16:33:06


timelytess Sun 20-Dec-15 16:39:15

Knew a woman who called her rabbit by this name. Not sure of the spelling. Nice enough woman. Never met the rabbit.

kimlo Sun 20-Dec-15 16:43:44

I would think Eldon, but the first though I had was Eldon square. Elden looks bettet as a name.

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 20-Dec-15 17:03:11

It's nice enough but I think a lot of people would hear 'Elton'.

Sophronia Sun 20-Dec-15 17:07:55

I'd probably assume Elden, but I prefer Alden.

OddSocksHighHeels Mon 21-Dec-15 00:59:51

Alden and Eldon/Elden are pronounced differently though. I like Eldon and think Alden is awful, I have no idea why confused

PerspicaciaTick Mon 21-Dec-15 01:25:35

It does sound like a rather nasal Elton.

CorydonFrills Mon 21-Dec-15 01:31:00

I think I'd guess at the spelling Eldon, but either is nice and easy to remember. An unusual name but not too out there.

mrslebon Mon 21-Dec-15 11:51:10

We have an Eldan in the family.

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