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I like ash Patel

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LouLou030783 Thu 17-Dec-15 18:40:38

Ok so I'm just coming in to 2nd trimester however my OH has his heart set on Sophia for a girl which i like so I'm cool with it however because his surname is Patel it's quite difficult to find names I like for a boy that sound right with Patel I love ash Patel but he just won't go with it..please help with suggestions

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 17-Dec-15 20:39:48

I throw in a mixed bag.
Aaron Patel
Aiden Patel
Arthur Patel
Ben Patel
Callum Patel
Conor Patel
Cody Patel
Christopher Patel
Daniel Patel
David Patel
Daryl Patel
Darren Patel
Dylan Patel
Ethan Patel
Elliot Patel
Enzo Patel
Eric Patel
Francis Patel
Freddie Patel
Gavin Patel
George Patel
Gabriel Patel
Harry Patel
Henry Patel
Harrison Patel
Hayden Patel
Isaac Patel
John Patel
Jayden Patel
Josh Patel
James Patel
Joseph Patel
Jack Patel
Jaxon Patel
Jeremy Patel
Kieran Patel
Liam Patel
Lucien Patel
Leo Patel
Lennon Patel
Louis Patel
Maurice Patel
Oscar Patel
Robert Patel
Richard Patel
Ryan Patel
Simon Patel
Steven Patel
Sean Patel
Vincent Patel
Victor Patel.

LouLou030783 Thu 17-Dec-15 20:49:44

Thank you it's a nightmare trying to agree on anything can't deal with 6 months of this lol

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 17-Dec-15 21:03:01

Babies often come with their names. You'll probably find when he's born he has a name written all over him.

squoosh Thu 17-Dec-15 21:13:21

Ash Patel is fine but kind of the Indian equivalent of Jack Smith. There must be tons of them!

What other boys names do you like?

LouLou030783 Fri 18-Dec-15 06:15:13

Squoosh we went through a list of like 109 names last night and the OH likes nothing so far hmm let's hope it's a girl or the poor boy will end up nameless

Burgatroyd Fri 18-Dec-15 12:10:19

Love Ash Patel as it reminds me of Grimm's Ashputtel

LouLou030783 Fri 18-Dec-15 12:21:22

Just looked that up never heard of it lol..he said if we can't come to agreement on another boys name then we will go with it lol xx

SchnooSchnoo Fri 18-Dec-15 12:30:30

Isn't it Ashenputtel? Roughly translates to Cinderella!

Burgatroyd Fri 18-Dec-15 13:28:12

Ashputtel too!

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