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Which names can be shortened to "Kitty"

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squidzin Sun 13-Dec-15 18:00:32

I'd love to name her Kitty, but would prefer that to be a nickname.

I like Nikita but don't like how that's associated with guns etc.

Catherine is a bit boring and can't possibly use anyway as that's my best bud's name!

Any other names out there?

pinkyredrose Sun 13-Dec-15 18:01:31

Use Nikita if you like it!

Seeyounearertime Sun 13-Dec-15 18:02:59


Anything with a Kat at the beginning I'd have thought.

Lancelottie Sun 13-Dec-15 18:03:23

How about a variant on Catherine such as Catriona?
Or Kathleen/Caitlin?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 13-Dec-15 18:04:04


But I'd stick with Katherine nn Kitty.

Lovely name btw

squidzin Sun 13-Dec-15 18:10:31

Oooh Catriona. Like it!
Thanks a lot, the "Kat" names will all be going on the list too. I wish I was brave enough for Nikita lol!

BikeRunSki Sun 13-Dec-15 18:17:42

I know two people called Kitty

A 2 year old called Caitlyn
A 90ish year old called Kirsten

DotForShort Sun 13-Dec-15 18:18:32

Nikita is traditionally a boy's name anyway. I know that many names have become unisex or drifted over to being names for girls in the UK, so perhaps you're O.K. with that. smile

I think that just about any name beginning with K or hard C could have Kit as a nickname. Karen? Kristina? Kit is a lovely nickname.

DotForShort Sun 13-Dec-15 18:19:39

Sorry, I meant "Kitty" not "Kit."

Montsti Sun 13-Dec-15 18:37:54

I know 3 Kitty's - one is just Kitty, the other Katherine and the other Christina.

SaltySeaBird Sun 13-Dec-15 19:03:43

I have an elderly relative called Kitora.

MarieJeanne Sun 13-Dec-15 19:11:02


StDogolphin Sun 13-Dec-15 19:41:33

Kit is short for Christopher, so any of the Christina Christian names.

Sophronia Sun 13-Dec-15 19:58:47

Keturah (Biblical name meaning "incense", pr. ki-TOR-ah)

Choughed Sun 13-Dec-15 20:00:48

My granny Kathleen was a Kitty.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 13-Dec-15 20:11:55


squidzin Sun 13-Dec-15 20:14:04

Wow, thanks everyone, particularly Sophronia those are some wonderful names.

pieceofpurplesky Sun 13-Dec-15 20:19:26

My aunty Kathleen was Kitty

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