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Brother for Matthew - not many ideas

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BrassMonkey84 Thu 03-Dec-15 14:28:25

Ideas so far


Can't think of any others I like. Any ideas to inspire me?

LilyKing0909 Thu 03-Dec-15 14:32:39

I like all the names on your list smile other suggestions:
- Edward
- William
- Zachary
- Joseph
- Marcus
- Lucas
- Jacob
- Oliver
- Harrison
I think it should be another name that shortens smile

rainydaygrey Thu 03-Dec-15 14:33:11


juneau Thu 03-Dec-15 14:39:04

I know about 20 Daniels, Samuels and Thomases. I don't know any Benedicts and I rather like it as a name.

As for Lily's suggestions - there are a lot of really popular names on that list too (William, Zachary, Lucas and Oliver in particular - at least around here in the leafy home counties).

LilyKing0909 Thu 03-Dec-15 14:49:59

Yeah, but Matthew isn't exactly unusual smile

BrassMonkey84 Thu 03-Dec-15 14:51:31

You're right there Lily! Tempted to be a bit more unusual this time but will probably chicken out!

MothershipG Thu 03-Dec-15 14:53:41

Matthew's brother is Michael. There sorted. grin

hobitty Thu 03-Dec-15 14:54:18

Matthew is lovely and not that popular as some of the names mentioned (e.g. Samuel, Oliver, William).

How about

LilyKing0909 Thu 03-Dec-15 15:01:27

I guess it's just regions! Matthew is really popular here!

LadyMaryofDownt0n Thu 03-Dec-15 15:02:13

YY to Elliot that goes really well & is a lovely name.

From your list I think Thomas is the best.

LilyKing0909 Thu 03-Dec-15 15:02:45

I like Elliott too - but with the double t

choccyp1g Thu 03-Dec-15 15:03:59

I know some Matthew and Laura combinations, so how about Laurence?

hobitty Thu 03-Dec-15 15:19:52

But Laurence is a girls name, the female version of Laurent. At least on the Continent....

Perhaps safer to spell it Lawrence?

tinybellows Thu 03-Dec-15 15:25:46


IoraRua Thu 03-Dec-15 15:27:36

David, Joshua, Jonah, Eric, Edgar, Peter, Joseph, Liam, Niall.

From previous suggestions I love Michael, Jacob, Lucas and Dominic.

Really don't like Benedict. Your other choices are nice though.

Twoseventhsaweasley Thu 03-Dec-15 17:08:12

Daniel is a brilliant name. How about James, Luke, David, Joseph, Ethan, Nathan, Stephen, Caleb and Isaac?

PestoSkiissimos Thu 03-Dec-15 17:10:17


tuilamum Thu 03-Dec-15 18:28:53


LouisaAtkinson Thu 03-Dec-15 21:14:09

Benedict is good if you're going for something different smile

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