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Our list is getting longer - help!

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TheDuchessofBoxford Sat 21-Nov-15 09:39:48

Our DD is due at Christmas and our list of names is growing. However, they are all 7/10 and we are looking for 10/10!

Our son has an Irish name (we have connection to Ireland) which we love but there is difficulty with spelling initially. For this reason, we are not opposed to an Irish name but not set on it at all. We don't want to seem too 'themed'. However, a common or traditional English name wouldn't 'go'.

So our list is currently:

Orlaith - easy Irish name in England but possible too well known now (friend just had Orla)
Saoirse - love this name but concerned about the Irish theme
Alva/Elva - comes from Irish name Ailbhe I believe but is anglicised and I like how simple it is without being overused. Not sure if we'd go with A or E spelling? Also like Scandinavian link meaning 'elf like'
Sylvie - really like this but worry it seems part of the 'old lady chic' trend which I'm not a fan of personally
Juno - like but does it sound like d'yaknow?
Margot - again, is it old lady and does it sound a bit posh? Like I always think of Hugo as posh for some reason and associate these names together
Erin - like how simple this is but associate name with person I'm not keen on which is off putting

So quite a diverse list! Ideally want something uncommon so it fits better with our sons Irish name. Not too long and not too trendy! Thoughts and alternative suggestions welcome!

MyNewBearTotoro Sat 21-Nov-15 10:00:37

Love Erin, Elva and Sylvie. Elva is my favourite though, I've not heard it before but it's really pretty and unusual without being too out there.

manicinsomniac Sat 21-Nov-15 10:03:33

Orlaith - not keen. Slightly prefer the Orla spelling but still don't really like the sound.
Saoirse - don't like this
Alva/Elva - I love Elva. For some reason I'm less keen on Alva (I realise they're the same name!) Maybe because Alva looks like Alvin to me
Sylvie - quite like it. Though I'd probably use Sylvia and shorten it. I don't think it's too old lady
Juno - it's ok. Don't think it would fit with a sibling with an Irish name
Margot - don't like this. Not especially old lady, just not a pleasant sound to me.
Erin - really like this

From your list I'd definitely go with Elva followed by Erin

My all time favourite Irish girl name is Sorcha. I also like Fionnhuala, Niamh and Caoimhe

Non Irish (well some might be, I'm not sure!) suggestions:
Ariel, Aria, Ayla, Astrid, Aphra, Bronte, Brodie, Cerys, Cleo, Dulcie, Effie, Etta, Enya, Fallon, Faith, Giselle, Hazel, Heidi, Harmony, Honor, Ida, Iona, Juliet, Katrina, Kayla, Lyra, Lyla, Lara, Lana, Lila, Livia, Leona, Larissa, Lorelai, Mila, Mala, Mirren, Mallory, Miriam, Naomi, Nia, Nyah, Polly, Rosalie, Rowan, Rowena, Ramona, Romy, Romilly, Robyn, Sadie, Sorrel, Saffron, Saskia, Tegan, Taryn, Verity, Vanessa, Xanthe, Zia

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 21-Nov-15 16:29:17

Love Saoirse. Like Elva, Sylvie, Margot. You've got a really good list!

Also love some of manic's suggestions - quite a few of my shortlist.

IoraRua Sat 21-Nov-15 17:15:37

Erin - nope, Irish American name.
Margot is nice but I could see this rising in popularity.
Sylvie is too babyish/ cutesy nickname.
Orlaith is lovely.
Juno - annoying pregnant girl in that movie
Saoirse - lovely
Alva/Elva - I personally prefer Ailbhe but it's nice.

Suggestions: Cara, Siofra (shee-fra), Riona (ree-ohna), Aifric (aff-rick), Aoibheann (ee-veen), Fiadh (fee-ah), Aoife, Eimear/ Emer (ee-mur)

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