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Notimefortossers Fri 20-Nov-15 17:34:49

Help! We're having our fourth and just found out it's a girl. I try to tread the line of unusual, but not so weird they'll have the piss taken out of them with my children's names. DD1 and DD2 have names of an African origin and DS1 has a Hebrew name (as all the African boys names fell into the second catergory!)
Thing is . . . last time I was searching for baby names there were some great sites with loads and loads of names on them and I can't find any good ones now! None of the sites I've looked at have my girls names listed under African names so they clearly don't have complete lists!
Where's the best place to look?
I had a boys name all picked out, but can't find ANYTHING I like for a girl sad

Sophronia Fri 20-Nov-15 18:19:55

Behind The Name is generally very accurate and has an African names section, have you looked there?

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