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ostrichneck Fri 20-Nov-15 10:17:07

Possibly not the right place to ask but thought some may have experience on here...

DC1 from previous relationship with EXP. Surname is EXPs- say Smith
Am now married and expecting DC2.
DC2 will naturally have mine and DH's surname - say Jones

What are your thoughts on approaching my EXP about double barrelling DC1's surname to my new married name - existing surname? so Jones-Smith.

I have done a little reading on it and as he has PR (on birth certificate) he would need to consent. However, if he didn't, I could take it to court and apply there - not thinking this far ahead really. Just wondering what the general concensus would be?

My reasons are our family unit. I would like DC1 to have the association with new sibling and more than likely more new siblings. I have spoken to DC1 about this who is 11 years old and likes the idea and reasons why, although possible afraid of what EXP would say. Then there are also passport and holiday issues - a few years when we holidayed - before I was married, we all had different surnames... the questioning we faced when trying to get back IN to the country was unbelievable and upset my DC1 a lot having to prove that I was actually mum! However, the family unity is my main reason..

What do you think?

QueenMolotov Fri 20-Nov-15 10:20:58

If it is what your dc1 wants, especially at 11yo, then I would respect their wishes. Your ex's name isn't being taken, it's being added to.

If it's what your dc wants, your ex will just have to suck it up, imvho.

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