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The final 2 - which one?!

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twolittleboysonetiredmum Tue 17-Nov-15 10:39:54

Right, I'm due what we think is a girl in 2 weeks. Have narrowed choices to:
We have a surname that begins with m and I love the alliteration of Matilda with it. I actually I refer Matilda overall. However - i cannot actually imagine calling a child Matilda all the time and dislike the names Tilly and Tilda. So I'm not sure we can use it. I do like maud from it like the queen. Husband not so much.
Rosalind we'd shorten to Rosie I think. Love Rosie and love the character rosalind from Shakespeare.
I prefer the name Matilda basically but none of the nicknames from it. I know you can't choose your chns nicknames but from the beginning we will inevitably use a diminutive of either name and want her to have a more grown up name for the future.
Which would you go with?!

justfivemoreminutes1 Tue 17-Nov-15 10:45:30

I would go with Matilda I think and shorten to Millie x

BondJayneBond Tue 17-Nov-15 10:47:32

How about Mattie as a nickname for Matilda?

BirdintheWings Tue 17-Nov-15 10:47:52

The only Mathilda we know (she uses that spelling) goes by Mattie, Maddie or Madz.

I like the suggestion of Millie above.

ThursdayLastWeek Tue 17-Nov-15 10:49:07


There's a million and one Tilly's and Matilda's out there, though that might not matter to you.
Both perfectly lovely names smile

SophieUnderwood Tue 17-Nov-15 10:53:17

Rosalind smile love Rosie :D

BikeRunSki Tue 17-Nov-15 10:56:49

Mathilda can be Mattie.

Sunshine511 Tue 17-Nov-15 10:57:51

My preference is Rosalind. Beautiful name smile

RiverTam Tue 17-Nov-15 10:59:17

Why not just call her Matilda? You don't have to shorten it. I know Elizabeths etc who always go by their full name. Yes, in time her friends may shorten it, or they might not. By then it'll be up to her.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Tue 17-Nov-15 11:02:08

I have a Matilda, and it is always Tilly to friends, school, family, classes. It was out of our control.

InkleWinkle Tue 17-Nov-15 11:04:57

Definitely Rosalind.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 17-Nov-15 11:13:19

If you don't like the potential nns from Matilda but you do like Rosie for Rosalind them I would go for Rosalind.

youngestisapsycho Tue 17-Nov-15 11:16:24

I like Mattie for Matilda.

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 17-Nov-15 11:24:47

I prefer Matilda but like you I'm not a fan of any of the suggested nicknames and I think a three-syllable name will inevitably be shortened.

I'm not keen on Rosalind but I do love Rosie.

Sorry that's probably not that helpful as I'd be stuck too!

Sophronia Tue 17-Nov-15 12:29:41


YoungGirlGrowingOld Tue 17-Nov-15 12:34:22

I have a friend called Matilda who is known as Millie - love that name smile

Sorry but "Rosie" makes me think of Sally Webster from Corrie. I love Rosalind though (although I vote for Matilda!)

WooLulu Tue 17-Nov-15 12:41:50

I love them both - good choices. I had a boy last week but if he'd been a girl he'd have been Roisin or Rosalind (Irish husband).

I do think it's ok to discount a name on the basis of the shortened version. Our son may well have been Nathaniel or Hamish but I don't like Nat or Ham. Might not matter so much for a girl but men/boys do seem to get shortened to 1 syllable in my experience.

MrsCaecilius Tue 17-Nov-15 13:11:53

Rosalind - elegant and pretty. Every other child I know is called Matilda!

IoraRua Tue 17-Nov-15 13:20:06

Rosalind by a mile.
Matilda, bleh. I wouldnt be keen. Especially if you don't like nicknames.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Tue 17-Nov-15 13:59:24

Thanks for the opinions. Matilda isn't that popular where we are but rosalind even less so. I am getting more towards a rosalind I think as just don't think I ever want a Tilly and I know you can't control nicknames. I have s real tendency towards shortening names (have done accidentally with my other chn even though they have short names already) it's not deliberate. But I'm unlikely to ever use her full name except on forms.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Tue 17-Nov-15 14:00:33

Rosalind. Much nicer.

hufflebottom Tue 17-Nov-15 14:04:14

Rosalind but I'm biased as its a family name.

Raxacoricofallapatorius Tue 17-Nov-15 14:08:43

I have a Mathilda. It's not massively popular. Still late 30s in the charts and has been for years. We don't know any others. None locally, none at school.

Ours never shortens her name. She is Mathilda or Tank. Never anything else.

ashesandfire Tue 17-Nov-15 14:08:54

I LOVE Rosalind! So gorgeous and unusual. Matilda is nice, I like it, but I probably would avoid if you don't like the nicknames.

DowntonDiva Tue 17-Nov-15 14:46:04

Vote for Matilda from me. It was on my shortlist but was veto'd

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