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Month to go help...can't decide

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Lucaboo Mon 16-Nov-15 19:45:08

We must be the most undecisive people in the world. Trouble is nothing really grabs us and I change my mind every week. Opinions welcome

Gretchen - quite like it with our surname Green

Luca - only draw back its my dogs name but I love it

SophieUnderwood Mon 16-Nov-15 19:47:16

Louisa and James smile

Sunshine511 Mon 16-Nov-15 19:55:34

Louisa or Elodie

Definitely James from your boys list. Love Luca too but I don't think you can really go there since its your dogs name! I'm not keen on the other 2 boys names.x

LizKeen Mon 16-Nov-15 19:55:39

Gretchen Green sounds too much like Gretna Green.

I love Coralie, Susannah and Louisa on your girls list.

I like James and Luca on your boys list, but wouldn't name a child after the family pet.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Mon 16-Nov-15 19:59:49

Definitely not algie!
Susannah or Louisa from your girls list
James from your boys list.

MadameJosephine Mon 16-Nov-15 20:03:08

Susanna or James

Lucaboo2 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:27:29

James is definitely my favourite I think in the boys as it is what my childhood hero was called lol

My only worry with Susannah is that people would shorten it to Sue..I have a friend called Susan and she hated her name so much she changed it by deed poll but her mother still calls her Sue and she says she cringes every time she hears it sad

But I like Susannah as it think it is quite classy but also like Louisa which is also a family name

ashesandfire Mon 16-Nov-15 20:53:59

Love Louisa, Susannah, Xanthe, Elodie and Coralie
Elodie is my favourite
How about Eloise or Cora

For boys- James.

LynetteScavo Mon 16-Nov-15 21:04:36

You have gone slightly batty. (I'm presuming you aren't usually!)

1) You can't give your baby the same name as your dog.

2) You can't call a baby Algie. You just can't. And it means "wearing a mustache".

3) Gretchen is a great name. But not with Green.

James is good name. As are Louisa, Coralie and Elodie. Or maybe Lois?

How about Magnus, Rocco, Jonah?

changename54 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:05:09

Love Susannah - it can be shortened to Susie or Zanna, if you want to steer away from Sue. Also like Louisa and Coralie.

James or Luca/Lucas?/Luke for a boy.

Lucaboo2 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:07:44

What nicknames are common for Louisa. One of the reasons I quite liked Elodie, Ela and Xanthe were they seemed quite difficult to shorten.

Not keen on Cora makes me think of Dr Crippin

Lucaboo2 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:10:02

Well technically the dog is called Lucas. Not keen on Rocco, Magnus and Jonah they are no better than Algie in my opinion.

celtictoast Mon 16-Nov-15 21:19:00

Louisa - lovely and underused
Susannah - quite like, has nice nicknames
Xanthe - very pretty
Ianthe - lovely and unusual
Lowen - not keen
Gudrun - not keen
Gretchen - don't like the "retch" sound. Greta?
Ela - not keen
Elodie - OK, a bit faddy
Coralie - like

James - like
Duffy - don't like
Algie - too much like algae
Luca - too trendy but I like Luke

Lucaboo2 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:42:17

Thanks for that. Three of my family in the 19th century were called Louisa and so I like it but they were mostly known by the nn Louie which I'm not keen on

Would people know how to pronounce Ianthe? I like it but I have a name that people pronounce different ways and it's definitely irritating

Sophronia Mon 16-Nov-15 23:03:20

I love Louisa, Susannah and James!

DramaAlpaca Mon 16-Nov-15 23:05:42

Another vote for Louisa, Susannah & James.

CakeRattleandRoll Tue 17-Nov-15 06:32:27

Love Xanthe - it means yellow, so you may feel it matches well with your surname (or otherwise that it is too colourful).
Really like Coralie, too.

Ianthe - I do know how to pronounce it, but always see 'Ian the' when written down

Gretchen - not with your surname, too much like Gretna Green

James is the best on your boy's list.
Algie sounds like algae
Duffy makes me think of beer (Simpsons)

How about Louis for a boy?

CPtart Tue 17-Nov-15 07:04:34

Louisa and James. (Luke not Luca).

changename54 Tue 17-Nov-15 10:10:45

The Louisas I know are shortened to:

and Weezy!

I would never shorten it to Louie, as that's a boy's name.

MrsMolesworth Tue 17-Nov-15 10:15:38

Agree you can't have Gretchen with Green. Algie is too like algae, and you can't give a boy the cat's name. (Though I did have to strenuously argue with DH when we were picking DCs names as top of his list was the cat's name. Baffling.)

Louisa, Susannah, Xanthe or Elodie.

Kpo58 Tue 17-Nov-15 22:36:30

I'd avoid Gretchen. Looks too close to Gretchin (small orks from the Warhammer 40k universe).... so maybe not something you want to name your little princess.

I'd also wouldn't use Duffy as I can see the "you old Duffer" insult when he's older and Gudrun just doesn't look feminine.

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