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Does anyone like the name Gracelynn?

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timeisfreebutitspriceless Mon 16-Nov-15 04:35:46

I appreciate not everyone likes this name, but just wondering if there is anyone on here who does!

Kr1stina Mon 16-Nov-15 04:39:57

No sorry

Nospringflower Mon 16-Nov-15 05:05:12

Another no!

timeisfreebutitspriceless Mon 16-Nov-15 05:06:09

Aha, it's kinda what I expected. I guess it's a name you either love or hate! sad I think it suits my daughter very well smile

Focusfocus Mon 16-Nov-15 05:09:01

Eeew. No.

timeisfreebutitspriceless Mon 16-Nov-15 05:18:29

Was the "eeew" really needed?

Sunshine511 Mon 16-Nov-15 07:03:11

Often people will dislike a name until they meet a lovely person who goes by it. I'm sure it's perfect for your daughter smile

AliciaMayEmory Mon 16-Nov-15 07:06:43

Not sure what this thread is going to achieve. You've already named your daughter and people saying they don't like the name is only going to upset you! Unless you are thinking if changing it, but then you seem to like it.

timelytess Mon 16-Nov-15 07:08:32

I suppose someone must. You say 'kinda' - are you American? If so, Gracelynn might be perfectly acceptable.

scatterthenuns Mon 16-Nov-15 07:14:49

Sounds very American, so I can see it working there.

Doesn't work very well in the UK, so I don't like it either.

MairzyDoats Mon 16-Nov-15 07:17:10

I'd never heard it before, but I think it's quite sweet.

msgrinch Mon 16-Nov-15 07:17:12


Only1scoop Mon 16-Nov-15 07:20:36

No....sounds made up and a bit Trailer Park.

Grace on its own is nice though?

calzone Mon 16-Nov-15 07:32:44

No. Not at all.

Grace is a pretty name on it's own.

Oysterbabe Mon 16-Nov-15 07:37:07

Nope, very trailer park.

ScarlettDarling Mon 16-Nov-15 07:41:03

Grace is so pretty but the Lynn just sounds old fashioned to me.
Why not Grace with Lynn as a middle name if you really like it? Then your dd would have the choice when they were older to use it, or not.

dementedpixie Mon 16-Nov-15 07:43:00

Sounds like a child from 'toddlers and tiaras'

PotteringAlong Mon 16-Nov-15 07:45:47

It's a no from me too. Grace, yes. Caitlin, yes. Gracelynn? No.

Walkingonsunshine00 Mon 16-Nov-15 07:57:22

GraceAnn sounds better

YakTriangle Mon 16-Nov-15 07:59:20

It's not a name is choose myself, but it's certainly not one that I'd hear and think 'wtf were you thinking?' And I do hear a few that make me do that.

ThreeRuddyTubs Mon 16-Nov-15 08:03:26

No sorry. Grace Ann is worse though

timeisfreebutitspriceless Mon 16-Nov-15 08:03:28

I am in the UK and honestly, I was just curious. I thought it was more common than it is

howtorebuild Mon 16-Nov-15 08:06:11

No for the reasons above.

timeisfreebutitspriceless Mon 16-Nov-15 08:08:11

It honestly surprises me at how many people hate the name! I mean, some of the names I've come across that are deemed acceptable and Gracelynn isn't - I'm honestly not offended, I like the name and that's all I care about, but I thought it was more popular

howtorebuild Mon 16-Nov-15 08:09:30

It will restrict her life choices.

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