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Gemmy1983 Fri 13-Nov-15 17:52:44

Hi all

Thinking of a name for our first child, a little girl due next April.

How about eve? too short? Seems a nice pretty name. Thanks :-)

IoraRua Fri 13-Nov-15 18:02:19

A pretty name, yes, but there's so many similar popular names along the lines of it around! Evelyn, Evangeline, Evie...

How about Niamh?

Gemmy1983 Fri 13-Nov-15 18:04:42

I don't like Niamh due to the spelling.

IoraRua Fri 13-Nov-15 18:07:41

Ah well. What other names do you like, is it particularly short names you want?

Eve is lovely, nothing wrong with it but it is popular enough. I have a popular name (of my generation) and I hated it, so I tend to avoid those names.

Gemmy1983 Fri 13-Nov-15 18:24:31

How about Freya? We also like that.

IoraRua Fri 13-Nov-15 18:26:50

I do like Freya! Not met any - I'm a teacher so I meet lots of children.
Am sure some more posters will be along now to give feedback grin

Sophronia Fri 13-Nov-15 18:56:36

Eve itself isn't particularly popular, it was ranked #159 in 2014 and is falling in popularity each year, however Evie, Eva and Evelyn are all very popular.

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Fri 13-Nov-15 18:57:20

Freya is lovely.

mrspremise Fri 13-Nov-15 19:02:00

We have two girls called Freya in yr4 at the school I work in. Lovely name.

celtictoast Fri 13-Nov-15 19:05:21

Eve is lovely and popular for a reason.

I don't like Freya, it reminds me of fraying cloth.

Jw35 Mon 16-Nov-15 15:17:28

Evie is popular but Eve isn't! My 10 month old is called Eve! Lovely name, classic and timeless and very sweet! She is Eve Hazel smile great choice x

mrsnec Mon 16-Nov-15 15:26:57

I like it but I worried it was a bit plain, short and a bit biblical for us so I used it as a middle name. Got lots of positive comments more than her first name actually. And I don't know any others. Dd is 13 months.

Jw35 Mon 16-Nov-15 16:08:33

I don't think it's plain I think it's pretty smile

KERALA1 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:35:30

Eve is so overused all it's appeal has gone. It's this generations sarah. Most of dd1's friends are named eve or one of its variants. One to avoid.

eastwest Mon 16-Nov-15 22:36:30

I like Eve. Classic, I'd say, rather than over-used.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Mon 16-Nov-15 22:41:47

I've got an Eve and she has been the only Eve in two whole primary schools so I think it's less common than claimed on here. It's simple and classic and it travels. And there are tons of Freyas about - it's definitely one of those names that will date its bearers in decades to come.

KERALA1 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:46:41

Seriously every other girl here is named eve. Gets very confusing. One third of the girls in dds class are named eve/Evie/Eva. Perfectly decent name but totally overused - is round here anyway. I have a common name so didn't want that for my dc.

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