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Aghh boys names - unusual but not crazy

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Laquila Thu 12-Nov-15 11:26:31

I love (but cannot use, for various reasons):


I like, but not quite enough to use:


I think I like, but am dithering over:

Kester (nn Kit)

Help!! Any other suggestions?

PeasinPod1 Thu 12-Nov-15 11:47:29

Love Laurence from yours.

Some others I love-


ktmummy1 Thu 12-Nov-15 11:50:52


DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 12-Nov-15 11:51:53


Twistedheartache Thu 12-Nov-15 12:09:11

I like Lawrence & Jasper most from your list.
What about Milo?

NicoleWatterson Thu 12-Nov-15 12:11:25

Jasper gets my vote too.
I like Aubrey which is close to your Auden

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 12-Nov-15 12:14:59

I was just about to come back and suggest Aubrey!

Laquila Thu 12-Nov-15 12:25:47

Thanks all! If you heard the name Auden, would you assume boy or girl?

I love Jude and Flynn but neither go with our surname. I used to love Raphael but have gone off it a bit lately, don't know why. I do like Ewan, might see what my husband thinks to that. Milo is too Tweenies for me, although I quite like Miles. We quite likes Remy first time round and I do find myself going back to it...but our surname begins with R and I think if I went for an R first name it'd be Roman.

I feel like I've heard all the boys names IN THE WORLD* by now and discounted them all and that therefore there are no further possibilities!

*obvs logically I know this isn't actually true...

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 12-Nov-15 12:37:34

I'd definitely think of a boy.

Nataleejah Thu 12-Nov-15 12:38:09

Rowan or Barnaby (just don't call him Barny)

Llouh Thu 12-Nov-15 12:53:46

I love your list of names!

My DS is called Joel and everyone says 'oh that's uncommon but not too unusual'

BlueChampagne Thu 12-Nov-15 12:56:14

I like Kester and Gwilym. How about Conrad?

Laquila Thu 12-Nov-15 13:23:08

I think it's be hard to avoid calling him Barney, though! Conrad is sort of on my list, actually, but I don't really like the nn Con, and despite best intentions to never shorten a name, we never managed to avoid it with first son (Nathaniel) so am not confident that we'd so so with number 2! I really like Joel but close friends have one, and again, like Alexander it's aomehow in my list of "Names I like and that is be happy for other people to name their children, but that I just can't see me using". (I know that's not a very snappily-titled list.)

celtictoast Thu 12-Nov-15 13:28:59

I like Laurence, Ewan and Alexander.

Kit, Conrad and Auden are a bit "current" for me.

Moohoomeltdown Thu 12-Nov-15 13:29:04

Austin and Quentin and Lincoln. All classic, uncommon yet not weird at all... Any good?

Hastagwhatever Thu 12-Nov-15 13:29:05


Laquila Thu 12-Nov-15 13:32:44

I really appreciate these suggestions, thank you! Not keen on Quentin but I do like Austin. I do know one other but he lives a long way away. Not sure about Lincoln - sounds a bit...American, but I'm aware that's just because of the car and president! Quentin doesn't really do it for me. I used to really like Malachy/Malachi, but not so much now - I do quite like Mal though.

Donkeys, is it the poet association that makes you thinks Auden is a boy (I know it wasn't his first name), or just the sound of the name?

CoralieConfused Thu 12-Nov-15 14:56:35


DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 12-Nov-15 15:32:22

Yes, the poet.

I also think of Aubrey as a boy's name but nowadays people seem to like it for their DDs.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 12-Nov-15 15:34:56

Btw my 30s are a tiny dot in the distance so maybe my age has something to do with it.

Minimaus Thu 12-Nov-15 15:45:41

I love lots of names on here - in particular Auden, Roman, Quentin and Reuben!

Laquila Thu 12-Nov-15 15:47:17

Coralie, I'd never heard of Quillan - I quite like it, I think!

Aubrey does sound more feminine to me than Auden. I like Augustin too but don't know if we could carry it off!

drinkyourmilk Thu 12-Nov-15 15:47:58

I love Austin, Gabe and Karl

Moohoomeltdown Thu 12-Nov-15 15:54:49

I like Aubrey too. I'd think poet.

Hobbitty Thu 12-Nov-15 15:56:28

Jasper, Roman and Quentin get my vote! Great classic underused names.

Laurence is a French name to my ears, the feminine form of Laurent. I'd spell it Lawrence if you choose it.

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