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egj1212 Wed 11-Nov-15 00:57:22

Okay, so I'm expecting twin boys! Crazy!
These are our name sets so far, which do you prefer?

- Matthew and Zachary
- Alfie and Louie
- Dylan and Ethan
- Noah and Evan
- Harry and Tommy

The middle names will be Luke and Jake smile

Thanks x

AnnaMarlowe Wed 11-Nov-15 01:11:26

Options 1 or 4 - the others are a bit 'matchy'

Try shouting them out loud together (seriously you'll be doing this a LOT) and see how they sound. Do they run together or are they distinct names.

ICantSpellNoffink Wed 11-Nov-15 01:26:32

They are all really nice but I'm wondering why you are thinking about them in pairs? It sounds like you are trying to make them match each other. Wouldn't it be best to just choose your two favourite names.

egj1212 Wed 11-Nov-15 01:31:49

Honestly, I just think certain names can't be paired together! So, yeah - I kinda want them to go with each other and even more so if they're twins - which may sound bad, or not what everyone would do, but it's something DH and I like smile

Sophronia Wed 11-Nov-15 01:40:44

Matthew and Zachary are my favourites.

Strokethefurrywall Wed 11-Nov-15 01:46:10

Congratulations!! 3 & 4 are my favorite.

SouthYarraYobbo Wed 11-Nov-15 01:49:48

Matt and Zac (as they'll get known as) are very similar l think.

I know what you mean about names, l thought the same when choosing dd2 name.

I like Matthew and Tommy (Matt and Tom)

DeepBlueLake Wed 11-Nov-15 02:55:43

Love Noah and Evan.

celtictoast Wed 11-Nov-15 09:12:47

I like Dylan and Ethan best.

MrsMichelRouxJr Wed 11-Nov-15 11:33:10

Alfie Luke and Louis Jake would be lovely

(Prefer Louis spelt with an 's' on the end)

To mix the sets up a bit I also like:

Noah Jake and Dylan Luke
Noah Jake and Harry Luke
Dylan Luke and Harry Jake

Sunnyminimalist2 Wed 11-Nov-15 11:34:25

Alfred and Laurence. So Alfie and Laurie

Screaminlikeabanshee Wed 11-Nov-15 11:36:03

Matthew and Zachary, sound fab! but i'd also like Noah and Ivan (not Evan).

Teds77 Wed 11-Nov-15 11:53:36

Sorry to repeat but I don't get the matching thing either. I have twins and we just talked through our favourite boys and girls names. We had four boys names we liked pretty equally and each had a favourite girls name that's the other also liked. Twos DDs would have meant a favourite each and we would have gradually narrowed down the boys if we had two DSs. As it was, DD got my favourite (I did carry and birth them after all grin) and we narrowed down to joint favourite for DS.

There names in no way match but they both have names we love.

Obviously your kids so your rules but I'd pick your favourite two and only discount if they rhyme or alliterate.

fleurdelacourt Wed 11-Nov-15 13:24:24

OP - think you have to choose you favourite name and then the one that goes best with that? Surely Matthew (for example) would go with all your choices? The only 2 I wouldn't pair would be Evan and Ethan.

RiverTam Wed 11-Nov-15 13:29:29

I think they're too matchy sound-wise. So I would go for something like Matthew and Ethan.

BabiesComeWithHats Wed 11-Nov-15 13:32:01

Another twin mum here who would advise steering clear of any 'matching set' type names. Seriously, these aren't just babies you're naming, they're school children, teenagers, grown men - they don't want to feel like they're half of a gift pack grin.

There are 10 quite different names there. I think you need to pick your two favourite individual names, and then work out which middle names go with which. Anything but Ethan and Evan would work together.

Floralnomad Wed 11-Nov-15 13:33:09

I would swap them about and have Matthew Jake and Noah Luke , if your concern is that one has a long name and one short , Matthew becomes Matt and Noah stays as Noah .

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 11-Nov-15 13:35:52

I have an Evan. Lovely name. I think it's quite different and haven't found it to be too popular which is what Iike. So on that basis I would go maybe Evan & Zachary. My youngest boy is Teddy. I think that goes well too.

Good luck.

DramaAlpaca Wed 11-Nov-15 16:20:05

Matthew & Zachary from your lists.

putcustardonit Wed 11-Nov-15 16:46:54

Matthew Jake and Harry Luke are lovely names.

As babies says you've got to remember that the cutie baby twins stage is short lived. Teens will not thank you for matching their names.

Hope you're feeling OK

IoraRua Wed 11-Nov-15 17:58:34

I wouldn't do pairs,pick two favourite names.
I like Evan, Matthew, Zachary and Dylan.

Notso Wed 11-Nov-15 18:26:05

I think some of you are being a bit unfair to the OP. It's not like she is calling them Leo and Theo. Most people pick names that 'go' with sibling names.
The only pairing I would say was remotely matchy is Evan and Noah because of the film Evan Almighty.

Teds77 Wed 11-Nov-15 19:05:50

Am sorry if it came across as unfair - honestly wasn't the intention but maybe I was being thoughtless.

I think all of the names are great and I think all of them could be paired together with the exception of Evan and Ethan which would be a bit too similar for me. I just wanted to express that I didn't see why OP couldn't have a Matthew and a Harry. My pair are a 70s classic with granny chic combo (think Christopher and Ivy or Caroline and Stanley) and it's never crossed my mind that this is a problem.

Anyway, OP enjoy the crazy world of twins! grin

TheEagle Wed 11-Nov-15 19:10:43

I like Evan and Noah.

We have twin boys and we chose names based on what we liked but also based on what they sounded like together - we had to say no to Alex and Fergus because it made us think of Alex Ferguson!

Congrats OP, twins are super grinflowers

Jw35 Mon 16-Nov-15 15:21:38

I like Dylan and Ethan but I actually prefer the middle names! Luke and Jake would be cute!

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